Whitehaven, Cumbria

Whitehaven appeared a bit more prosperous than Maryport or Workington, less industrial certainly, and with a lot of sailing yachts in the harbour.

But more Art Deco, not just the Bus Station.

Only separated from the old Bus Station by one building is this pub, the Bransty Arch, now a Wetherspoons.

Bransty Arch, Whitehaven

Here’s the frontage in more detail. Good stuff on the roofline and the Arch motif.

Bransty Arch Detail

Here’s the side view looking back towards the old Bus Station.

Bransty Arch side view

Further into the town I found a Burton’s.

Burton's, Whitehaven

This is typical of 30s Burton’s style. Pity about the wires and other guff in the way in this other view in which I also seem inadvertently to have photographed a gull on the roof!

Burton's, Whitehaven, side view

We found a large second-hand book shop in the town, very nook and cranny-like. Sadly none of the books grabbed my interest sufficiently to buy any. Ones I might have bought I already had! The good lady managed one purchase, though, and also browsed one she had been thinking of buying from the internet but decided she wouldn’t like it.

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