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Oresund Bridge

We passed under the Oresund Bridge (Öresund or Øresund Bridge depending on whether you live on the Danish or Swedish side) on the way from Stockholm to Aalborg.

I had thought we would do so when sailing from Copenhagen to Warnemünde but we seemed to turn north out of Copenhagen (I could just about make out the bridge in the southern distance) and then west. At that point we had to go in to dinner so I assumed the ship travelled down the west side of Zealand then instead of passing under the bridge.

Unfortunately it was about one o’clock in the morning when we passed under the bridge – and dark; so the photos aren’t much cop.

Oresund Bridge by Night

Video. (It was quite windy):-

Oresund Bridge by Night

Closer appraoch:-

Centre, Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge Towers

Eastern support tower:-

Oresund Bridge Support Tower

Video. (I don’t know whose the voices are. Other people were also enjoying the experience):-

Oresund Bridge Support Tower

Kurhaus, Warnemünde

Not the Kurhaus just off the beach but one more in the town.

(According to Warnemünde‘s Wiki page on which there is a cracking photograph of the building, Kurhaus = Spa House.)

Everything about this building is stunning and screams Deco. Streamlining, rule of three in columns by the door and lower windows, triangular glazed projection, brickwork, canopies, rounded corner.

Kurhaus, Warnemünde

The entrance looks like it could be an Art Deco cinema. Streamlining, rule of three in columns by the door and lower windows, triangular glazed projection, brickwork, canopies, rounded corners:-

Entrance Kurhaus, Warnemünde

Corner View, Kurhaus, Warnemünde

Opposite Corner View, Kurhaus, Warnemünde. Again, as on the beach, Wellenrausch Restaurant and Cafe. Kurhaus. Paulo Scutaro Ristorante. Hellas Greichische Gastlichnet:-

Opposite Corner View, Kurhaus, Warnemünde

Side of Kurhaus. Note lamp standards:-

Side, Kurhaus, Warnemünde

Lamp standard and bandstand to rear of Kurhaus. Also scuplture of female in background:-

Lamp Standard and Bandstand to rear of Kurhaus, Warnemünde

Kurhaus from rear:-

Kurhaus, Warnemünde from Rear

Art Deco in Warnemünde

There was quite a lot of Deco style (certainly Moderne style) in Warnemünde. Most of it is of relatively recent construction though.

This was directly across the River Warnow from the ship’s berth. Loads of horizontals and verticals, then there are those semi-circular projections at the entrance:-

Art Deco in Warnemünde

From beach. Wellenrausch Restaurant and Cafe. Kurhaus. Paulo Scutaro Ristorante. Hellas Greichische Gastlichnet. Rule of three in windows, canopies, rounded ends.

Warnemünde, Modern Art Deco

This also fronted (backed?) onto the beach:-

deco , Warnemunde, Germany

Seebad, Eines der schönsten erholungsgeblete der Ostsee, (one of the most beautiful relaxation spots on the Baltic Sea.) Sweeping curves, plus horizontals and rule of three in windows:-

Seebar, Art Deco Style in Warnemünde

On the walk back to town there was this shop. Meermode (Sea Fashion):-

Warnemünde, Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style, Warnemünde

The Beach, Warnemünde

Warnemünde has the broadest beaches on Germany’s Baltic coast as evidenced by this photo from the Wikipedia page linked to above:-

View of Warnemünde
By A.Savin (Wikimedia Commons · WikiPhotoSpace) – Own work, FAL, Link

On that you can see also how long the beach is and the large number of deck chairs – each of which has a set of screens (against wind?) This was my photo from further along of the beach and the headland beyond:-

Warnemunde beach , Germany

The beach has a Red Cross Station (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz,) closed at the time we were there – too early in the season, the beach was more or less empty of people:-

Warnemünde beach, Red Cross Station

You’ll note Revoltes Rostock, Devil’s Fish and Hansa Rostock Ultras graffiti.

There was more graffiti round the side. FC Hansa Rostock and Supras Rostock:-

Red Cross Building, Warnemünde Beach

We walked along the beach for some distance but didn’t quite brave the Baltic waters. Between the beach and a small road, along which I saw at least one bus pass, there was a lovely woodland walk which we took back to the town:-

woodland walk, Warnemunde, Germany

More Modern Warnemünde

Rooftop garden:-

Rooftop Garden, Warnemünde

Close-up on rooftop plants:-

Warnemünde, Close-up on Rooftop Garden

Deco-ish style house. It’s mainly the rounded bay window, here:-

Decoish House, Warnemünde

Civic planting:-

planting in Warnemunde, Germany

Planting, Warnemünde

Warnemünde, Planting

planting in Warnemunde, Germany

Just at the ship’s de-embarkation point there was an exhibition of sand sculptures, Sand Welt (Sand World):-

Sand Welt (Sand World) Sculpture, Warnemünde

By Susanne Ruseler, The Netherlands:-

Warnemünde, Sand Sculpture

By Andrius Petkus, Lithuania:-

Sand Sculpture, Warnemünde


Detail, Sand Sculpture, Warnemünde

S S Magellan at Warnemünde. Ferry across River Warnow in foreground:-

Magellan at Warnemünde

Warnemünde Again

In Warnemünde town centre is a sculpture of a man and two women in a boat. It is the Pilot’s Monument for Stephan Jantzen, sailor, harbour pilot and life saver.

Sculpture, Warnemünde Town Centre

A nearby plaque bears information about the sculptor, Reinhard Dietrich Lotsenehrung. It also says, “1976 Beton, Eigentum Hansestadt Rostock.” (1976 concrete, Property of the Hanseatic City of Rostock.)

Sculpture plaque, Warnemünde

In another side street there was this unusual fountain:-

Fountain Warnemünde

Which bore this plaque:-

Plaque, Fountain, Warnemünde

The small park had a pillar containing books acting as a library:-

Book Pillar In a Park, Warnemünde

The children’s play area had this delightful ride a (working) digger:-

Play Digger in a Park, Warnemünde

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