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Oresund Bridge

We passed under the Oresund Bridge (Öresund or Øresund Bridge depending on whether you live on the Danish or Swedish side) on the way from Stockholm to Aalborg.

I had thought we would do so when sailing from Copenhagen to Warnemünde but we seemed to turn north out of Copenhagen (I could just about make out the bridge in the southern distance) and then west. At that point we had to go in to dinner so I assumed the ship travelled down the west side of Zealand then instead of passing under the bridge.

Unfortunately it was about one o’clock in the morning when we passed under the bridge – and dark; so the photos aren’t much cop.

Oresund Bridge by Night

Video. (It was quite windy):-

Oresund Bridge by Night

Closer appraoch:-

Centre, Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge Towers

Eastern support tower:-

Oresund Bridge Support Tower

Video. (I don’t know whose the voices are. Other people were also enjoying the experience):-

Oresund Bridge Support Tower

Leaving Aalborg

Jellyfish in Limfjord:-

Jellyfish in Limfjord, Aalborg

Jellyfish in Limfjord, Aalborg

The eastern side of Aalborg has some striking modern architecture:-

Aalborg, Modern Building

Modern Architecture, Aalborg

A water-skier was practising in this inlet:-

Aalborg, Modern Architecture

Modern Buildings and older tower:-

Modern Buildings and Tower, Aalborg

Kildeparken, Aalborg, Denmark

Taking an underpass below the railway we found a nice park in Aalborg: the Kildeparken.

There were two small thatched buildings there. One seemed to be a public convenience, the other may have been a caretaker’s hut. Pity about the grafitti:-

Aalborg Thatched Building, Baltic cruise,

Aalborg Thatched Building

There was also a walkway with statues along its sides. This one is of the Three Graces:-

Sculpture, Aalborg, Denmark

The park is also home to the Singing Trees. Each performer at Aalborg’s Concert Hall is asked to plant a tree alongside which is a device containing a recording of a sample of their music.

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Denmark

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Sadly during our visit none the playbacks we tried were working. Here’s a clip from You Tube where they were:-

Streets in Aalborg, Denmark

Aalborg (see earlier post) had some nice older buildings in streets quite near the city centre:-

Older Buildings, Aalborg, Denmark

Old Street in Aalborg, Denmark

Looking one way, then the other in another old street:-

A Street in Aalborg, Denmark
Street in Aalborg, Denmark

Buildings in Aalborg, Denmark

The first building we encountered after crossing the road between the dock and Aalborg‘s centre contained above a window this rather lovely mural of a sailing ship. (I think it was made of tiling):-

Ship Frieze, Aalborg,Denmark

Then there was this almost Tudor style building:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

This seemed Dutch in appearance:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

And this was the closest approach to Art Deco:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

Another vaguely Tudorish building, off a side street, complete with fountain in front:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

More Dutch style here:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

A Danish Fjord

This isn’t the sort of view normally associated with fjords. The word usually conjures up images of steep, almost mountainous sides and a narrow waterway.

Jutland from Limfjord 1

This however is the Limfjord, which cuts Jutland in Denmark in two. And the countryside by its banks is flat. I thought that perhaps in Danish the word fjord just means inlet. (It seems it does, if you type ‘fjord’ on the ‘Danish’ side of this link. In all the other Scandinavian languages ‘fjord’ translates as ‘fjord’.)

Jutland from Limfjord 2

We sailed up the easternmost bit of the Limfjord on our approach to the last stop on the trip, Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth largest city.

Jutland from Limfjord 3

Stockholm Archipelago

Our approach to Stockholm had been overnight so we hadn’t seen the environs. On the way out in the evening we found it is a beautiful set of islands through which the ship made its way. Back in the day I suppose these must have made Stockholm very easily defensible from the sea.

Stockholm Archipelago 3

Stockholm Archipelago 4

Stockholm Archipelago 1

It must be great to be able to jump into your yacht and take off:-

Stockholm archipelago, Sweden,

Stockholm Archipelago 2

Stockholm Archipelago 5

Stockholm Archipelago 6

Stockholm Archipelago 7

Stockholm Archipelago 14

Stockholm Archipelago 13

Stockholm Archipelago 15

Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Architecture

The coach had dropped us off near Gamla Stan – old Stockholm, well worth a wander round. (In pre-coronavirus days anyway):-

Gamla Stan, old Stockholm

Art Nouveau-ish Building, Gamla Stan, Stockholm:-

Art Nouveau-ish Building, Stockholm

Church and bridge round corner from Gamla Stan:-

church, Stockholm

Traditional architecture:-

Stockholm building

Stockholm, conifers

Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus) statue and building opposite Riksdag and Opera House, Stockholm:-

Building and Statue Near Riksdag, Stockholm

More modern Swedish style:-

Modern Building, Stockholm

Waterfront, Stockholm

National Museum:-

national museum, Stockholm

View from Royal Palace:-

Stockholm waterfront, Sweden

Waterfront, Stockholm

From near Opera House:-

Stockholm waterfront

Stockholm Palace

Royal Palace, Stockholm

Stockholm Palace

Waterfall issuing from inside the Palace:-

Royal Palace  waterfall, Stockholm

There were two of these cascades, one either side of the building as it faces the waterfront at th eends of the wings. I took a video of one of them:-

Stockholm Palace, Cascade

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