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Sculpture of Tommy at Seaham, County Durham

Seaham is a town on the North Sea coast in County Durham.

The statue of Tommy is on the seafront in an area known as Terrace Green by Seaham’s War Memorial. It was erected in 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

Statue of Tommy at Seaham


Detail of Tommy Statue at Seaham, County Durham

Side view:-

Tommy at Seaham, Side View


Reverse View, Tommy Statue at Seaham

Its sculptor was Roy Lonsdale:-

Sculptor Signature, Tommy Statue, Seaham

Dedication plaques. The sculpture’s proper name is 1101, to reflect the minute of peace at the Armistice which ended the war:-

Inscription, Tommy Statue, Seaham

Other side view:-

Tommy at Seaham, Side View

There are more pictures of Tommy here.


Stockholm really is a beautiful city – helped by all that water it is built on and over.

The coach from the ship dropped us off near the Riksdag (see previous post) and opposite the Opera House:-

Opera House, Stockholm

We first went for a wander towards the more commercial area but managed to find a park. It had a statue of Linnaeus:-


On the way in we’d passed a great looking building that I thought we would never find on our own as the coach had seemed to go a long way past it. However on going further we looped around and there it was, the Drama Theatre:-

Drama Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden

I couldn’t get far enough back to get the whole frontage in so this had to do:-

Frontage. Drama Theatre, Stockholm

Such ornate lampposts though:-

Lamppost outside Drama Theatre, Stockholm

This turned out not to be too far from where the caoch had stopped! A couple of minutes walk. This garden area was nearby and you can look across to the Royal Palace beyond:-

Stockholm Gardens, Royal Palace

An Elk in Helsinki

Remember those giraffes in Helsinki?

More understandably I think, that same building had a statue of an elk outside it. (I’d forgotten it till I checked my photos again.)

Elk Statue, Helsinki


Boat-Shaped bench, presumably reflecting the town’s fishing tradition:-

Boat-Shaped Bench, Peterhead

Fisherwoman statue. Again, a nod to the town’s heritage:-

Fisherwoman Statue, Peterhead

Peterhead Trail Plaque, The pends of Peterhead:-

Peterhead Trail Plaque

More Rochdale

I liked this frieze above the windows of Rochdale Museum:-

Rochdale Museum Frieze

Also these stained glass windows which seem to be on someone’s extension:-

Stained Glass Windows, Rochdale

Across the road from the Museum was a green park-like area with this iron pedestrian bridge:-

An Iron Pedestrian Bridge in Rochdale

Nearby was this statue of John Bright:-

Statue of John Bright, Rochdale

John Bright Statue, Rochdale

This spire-y thing is by the side of the road. I’ve no idea what it’s for:-

Roadside Spire

The town centre has this statue of sheep (rams):-

Statue of Rams, Rochdale Town Centre

And spot the dedication on the bridge (which I ought to have placed in yesterday’s post):-


Arrábida Bridge, Porto

Porto’s beautifully elegant Arrábida Bridge (Ponte de Arrábida) carries motorway traffic over the River Douro on the western portion of the ring road around central Porto.

From the River Douro:-

Arrábida Bridge, Porto from River Douro

Photo from Wikipedia (taken from the Vila Nova de Gaia bank of the river Douro):-

Arrábida Bridge

Statue on top of bridge pillar:-

Arrábida Bridge, Porto, Statue

Support pillars and statue:-

Arrábida Bridge, Pillar and Statue

Close up on one of the bronze statues (from Wikipedia):-

Bronze Statue on Arrábida Bridge, Porto

Arrábida Bridge looking back towards Porto:-

Arrábida Bridge Looking Back to Porto

Porto, Statues and Street Scenes

Coming out of Trindad Metro station we headed downhill. Almost the first thing we came across was this delightful pavement:-


Imagine that in a city in the UK!

It ran down by the side of an extremely impressive building which I believe is the City Hall:-

Buildings 1

The huge plaza below it led to a road junction beside which was an equestrian statue of Don Pedro IV (Dom Pedro IV – and I of Brazil) aka “The Liberator”:-

Don Pedro IV Statue, Porto

Further into the city I found this statue of Henry the Navigator, of whom I had learned when I visited Lisbon in my extreme youth:-

aStatue of Henry the Navigator, Porto

Henry the Navigator Statue, Porto

This road train just trundled along as we were in a leafy square in Porto:-

A Road Train in Porto

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