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Peebles War Memorial Addendum

I posted photgraphs of Peebles War Memorial, which doubles as the Memorial for Peeblesshire, here.

Since that visit three boards providing information about the memorial’s design, designer and unveiling (by Field Marshal Haig, no less.)

Peebles War Memorial Information Board

Information About Peebles War Memorial

Information Board Peeblesshire War Memorial 3

Memorial from entrance to quadrangle:-

Peebles War Memorial


Peebles War Memorial and Hall

Traquair War Memorial, Addendum

I posted a single photograph of this war memorial in 2013. A year or so ago I took some more.

Traquair War Memorial from across B 709:-

Traquair War Memorial from Distance

Dedication, “Lest We Forget” on bar of cross, Great War names on column:-

Traquair War Memorial

Dedications and WW2 Name. “To the memory of those who from this part of Traquair gave their lives in the cause of freedom 1914 – 1918.” The lower block is inscribed, “1939 – 1945. Lieut R D Ballantyne, Cardrona, DLI.” Cardrona is a vilage a mile or so from Traquair on the B 7602 to Peebles:-

Dedications and WW2 Name, Traquair War Memorial 3

Great War Names. I see from The Scottish Military Research Group – Commemorations Project that the first name here, Honourable E W Tennant, was one of the war poets.

Great War Names, Traquair War Memorial

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 33: Peebles. Addendum

In August 2013 when I was in Peebles the former Playhouse Cinema looked a bit run down. (See here.)

By this May it had been spruced up a bit.

Peebles Former Cinema

We partook of the ice-cream from Caldwell’s shop/cafe just along the street. It was good.

On the High Street I noticed this Art Deco gate at the entrance to a close:-

Art Deco Gate in Peebles

This is the view from the close:-

Peebles Art Deco Gate

We ventured down to the green by the River Tweed where there is this Pavilion:-

Art Deco Pavilion, Peebles

The reverse has slightly more deco style:-

Peebles Art Deco Pavilion Reverse

On a back street the two Chambers brothers who later produced Chambers’s Dictionary (as it was known at first) were both born, in 1800 and 1802 respectively, as the plaque records.

Peebles House Chambers Plaque

Neidpath Castle

The castle is just west of Peebles above the banks of the River Tweed. It looks very imposing from the far (south) bank.

This was taken from the north bank:-

An attempt at an arty shot through the branches:-

Tweed Walk from Peebles

The good lady and I were down in Peebles a few weeks ago and took a stroll along the River Tweed.

From south bank. The main bridge over the River Tweed at Peebles is dead centre here:-

This is from a bit further west looking west:-

Keep going west and you encounter an old railway bridge. This is from the north bank after we had crossed:-

The railway bridge’s arches have angled stonework:-

Looking back west from a bend in the river:-

The main road bridge over the Tweed at Peebles:-

Peebles War Memorial

This is perhaps the most impressive War Memorial I have ever seen. Set off the High Street through an archway into the pathway to the entrance to the Town Hall this is a distinctive memorial; a domed alcove, with pillars.

The commemorated are not just those from Peebles but from the wider County of Peeblesshire. The plaques either side of the alcove are for WW2. This is for the villages and towns of Peeblesshire.

The plaque to the left is for Peebles and Manor.

A smaller plaque on the upper left commemorates a death in Afghanistan.

The names of the WW1 dead from the villages of Newlands, Skirling, Stobo, Traquair, Tweedsmuir, Walkerburn and West Linton are on the right hand panel inside the alcove.

On the left hand panel inside the alcove the WW1 fallen from Broughton, Drumelzier, Eddleston, Innerleithen, Kirkurd, Lyne & Meggat and Manor are listed.

These villages/towns may have their own War Memorials, some of which I have photographed:



West Linton

The central panel inside the alcove is for Peebles alone. A huge number of names.

The inner dome, the cross and the tiled mosaic decoration give this an unusual feel, Orthodox or even Moorish.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 33: Peebles

I’m a bit late with this. I visited Peebles (in the Scottish Borders) in August.

I missed its War Memorial but was pleasantly surprised to find several deco shops.

This shop is at the east end of the High Street:-

Art Deco Shop Peebles

Here’s a close-up on the roof detailing:-

Detail on Art Deco Shop Peebles

Again on the High Street, the Bank of Scotland building. Lower frontage and windows have the look:-

Art Deco Bank Peebles

The former Playhouse Cinema:-

Art Deco Shop Peebles

Only really the roof-line here. If it’s the same Caldwell’s as in nearby Innerleithen the ice cream is very good:-

Art Deco Shop Peebles

Traquair War Memorial

A traditional Celtic Cross construction but with only a small circle in the stone. Situated at the junction of the B 709 and B 7062 at the edge of Traquair in the Borders; about 7 miles from Peebles.

There seems to be only one name for World War 2 (on the additional plaque at the foot of the cross.)

Traquair War Memorial

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