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East Fife 1-1 Dumbarton (aet 1-1, 4-3 pens)

Scottish League Cup, New Bayview, 1/8/15.

My first match watching the new look Sons….and we’re a work in progress. Not surprising considering that only two of last year’s squad started the game. Three finished it as one had come off but two later came on.

The match was preceded by an announcement to the owner of a Vauxhall Zafira to go back to the car – not an unusual thing to hear at a football ground but the following words were. I quote. “This is Methil and you’ve left your windows open.”

The first half was pretty uneventful. We had one close effort saved by their keeper, I think from Scott Taggart. Mark Brown didn’t have a save to make. We dominated the second half apart from a few breakaways on one of which they scored. The attacker was allowed too much room and Mark Brown had come too far off his line and was lobbed. They had the ball in the net a minute or so later but it was chalked off for a foul on the defender on the way through. For about two minutes East Fife threatened but then we got on top again.

The equaliser came from Kevin Cawley, neatly placed to head home after their keeper flapped at it a bit. We had a few more efforts on goal before the 90 minutes were up.

In extra time we carved them open several times but the ball just wouldn’t go in apart from one disallowed possibly for a foul on the keeper but who knows?

The statistics tell the story really.

So it was on to the lottery of penalty kicks. You have to say, 3-2 up with two kicks to one left we ought to have put it away. But we didn’t. Time to concentrate on the league, then. (The Challenge Cup can take care of itself. It usually does.)

Shore Coal

Many Fife coastlines bear the marks of past coal mining. A ribbon of coal particles can be found on Kirkcaldy and Burntisland beaches, whether washed there from mines or eroded from rocks I don’t know..

At Lower Largo the deposits are larger. Here are some seen through the shore barrier.

And these are lumps.

The industrial landscape of Methil can be seen from Lower Largo beach, wind turbines, oil rigs and all.

Fife'€™s Art Deco Heritage 11: Methil

Methil is one of those post-industrial towns which now litter Scotland. There is still some shipbuilding/oil related work going on there but, like most of Fife, Methil is somewhat down on its luck.

It does have Art Deco though. This building is on Wellesley Road. The red paint is the main deco feature as the eyes have been poked out.

Budget Micro, Methil, Frontage

Budget Micro, Methil, Side

Just along from it there is this pub on a corner, now looking for a new owner, which has deco detailing to the roofline.

Bayview Bar, Methil, Fife

More War Memorials in Fife

War Memorial , Coaltown of Wemyss, Fife

On the left is the Coaltown of Wemyss War Memorial which is the one I missed when I photographed the other Wemyss War Memorials back in March.

It’s set into the wall of the Miner’s Institute.

The more striking Methil War Memorial is below. It’s set on a greensward which is not what I normally asssociate with Methil but is a fitting site. It was quite rainy the day of the photograph which gives a bit of a reflection.

A bit further along the coast is the burgh of Elie and Earlsferry, whose War Memorial is set into the external corner of the churchyard at the sharp turn at one end of the High Street and is pictured last. The church tower can be seen in the background.

War Memorial, Methil, Fife

Methil War Memorial

War Memorial, Elie, Fife

Elie and Earlsferry War Memorial

Dumbarton 1-1 Airdrie United

League goals against predictor:- 70

SFL Div 2, The Rock, 12/02/11

I switched on the radio with about twenty minutes to go and heard about two minutes later it was 1-0. I thought, “It’s not enough,” and spent the next fifteen minutes waiting for the inevitable. Which came to pass.

The simple truth is we need to score two to have a hope of winning.

We’ve now lost a total of three points in the last minute at home to Stenny and Airdrie United and, more importantly, given them two and one respectively. These could be crucial come season’s end.

Time for concentration guys. For the whole ninety minutes please.

So it’s off to Methil on Tuesday with them having come off a good (must?) win.

Last season nothwithstanding, Bayview, New or otherwise, has never been a happy hunting ground for us. Plus they thumped us there earlier this season.

I’m not expecting any more miracles like we got in our previous two away games.

Dumbarton 1-2 Forfar Athletic

League goals against predictor:- 100

SFL Div 2, The Rock, 25/01/11

League goals for predictor:- 19.

Oh dear.

One step forward, two back.

And this against a team who hadn’t played in 66 days.

Who knows what might have happened if the game at Methil had been on. We could have been level on points with East Fife going into this one which would have helped confidence.

The thing is we have to score two goals to have any hope of winning a game because we always concede. (Grindlay, Devlin, Gordon, Nugent, Creaney, Gilhaney, Carcary, Geggan, Walker, Campbell, McNiff.)

I can’t see us taking anything from the Brechin game on Saturday either.

Dumbarton 4-1 Alloa Athletic

League goals against predictor:- 110

SFL Div 2, The Rock, 18/01/11

League goals for predictor:- 18.

Howay the lads!!

Sorry. Wrong team.

Joking aside though, this was a welcome result.

However, it means that in one game we increased our goal tally in the league by 33 1/3%. We have seen a false dawn before this season. That also means that 50% of our league goals have come in just two games.

As I remarked to Onebrow on the phone when he informed me we’d gone two up (we both live too far away to attend evening home games) it needed to be two. He understood I meant that Stephen Grindlay was in goal and therefore Alloa would score. He has still not kept a clean sheet. I watched last Saturday’s highlights on Sons TV and despite his MotM he more or less threw the winner to Stenny.

I’ll begin to believe a corner has been turned if we can manage to score an away goal in sunny Methil on Saturday, especially if it is from open play.

But… our record at East Fife is dreadful and they hammered us there last time out.

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