Fife'€™s Art Deco Heritage 11: Methil

Methil is one of those post-industrial towns which now litter Scotland. There is still some shipbuilding/oil related work going on there but, like most of Fife, Methil is somewhat down on its luck.

It does have Art Deco though. This building is on Wellesley Road. The red paint is the main deco feature as the eyes have been poked out.

Budget Micro, Methil, Frontage

Budget Micro, Methil, Side

Just along from it there is this pub on a corner, now looking for a new owner, which has deco detailing to the roofline.

Bayview Bar, Methil, Fife

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  1. Louis O'Neil

    The building (Budget Micro) was commissioned by my mum as a hairdressers (Jean R Spinks) with the family house above in the late 40s

  2. jackdeighton

    Great to hear from you.
    Wow! Imagine commissioning an Art Deco building.

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