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Mini Kelpies, Kirkcudbright

A small model of The Kelpies in Kirkcudbright. The originals are in Falkirk at The Helix. Bridge over River Dee in background.

Small Kelpies at Kirkcudbright

Side view:-

Kirkcudbright Kelpies

Just along from the minin Kelpies is a memorial, “In memory of loved ones lost at sea.”

Kirkcudbright Memorial to Those Lost  at Sea

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 50: Kirkcudbright Art Deco Creamery (Now Lost)

I had seen a photograph of this on flickr a few years ago and resolved to look for the building when I next visited the town.

I couldn’t see hide nor hair of it.

It seems the creamery has been closed, demolished and replaced by housing.

That original photograph I saw is at

At the first link above I also found this photograph:-

Kirkcudbright milk plant

There are three more here.

I’ve also found a video of the abandoned interior with one external shot at the end. It seems the video’s makers had no authorisation to enter the premises:-

And this one shows the demolition:-


Kirkcudbright Harbour

The harbour and River Dee at Kirkcudbright are very picturesque. Many artists have made the town a base. The quality of the light is supposed to be particularly good.

Town and harbour from bridge over River Dee:-

Kirkcudbright and Harbour From Bridge over River Dee

Harbour from part of town:-

Kirkcudbright Harbour

River Dee looking seawards from town:-

Kirkcudbright Harbour and River Dee

River Dee looking towards Solway Firth :-

River Dee from Kirkcudbright

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 49: Kirkcudbright

I found two Art Deco styled buildings in Kirkcudbright. There was one I didn’t though. I’ll save that for a later post.

Here are the two I found.

First the Co-op:-

Art Deco Co-op, Kirkcudbright

The former Post Office:

Former Post Office, Kirkcudbright


Detail, Post Office, Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright War Memorial and MacLellan’s Castle

Kirkcudbright’s War Memorial is situated by the main road through the town just in front of MacLellan’s Castle.

MacLellan's Castle and War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

The memorial takes the form of a seated soldier with sword and shield protecting a sleeping child.

Left side view. Names are for the Great War:-

War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

Front view, lower plaque commemorates World War 2:-

War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

Right side view. Again Great War names:-

War Memorial, Kirkcudbright

Another view of MacLellan’s Castle:-

MacLellan's Castle, Kirkcudbright

Bridge over River Dee, Kirkcudbright.

Kirkcudbright (pronounced kir-could-bri) is a town in Dumfries and Galloway, though before local government reorganisation its county was Wigtown and Kirkcudbright.

The river Dee runs by the town and there is a rather lovely bridge over it.

Bridge Over the Dee, Kirkcudbright

Wider view:-

Bridge on River Dee, Kirkcudbright

I was looking for a building that no longer exists and wandered across the bridge in the search and so found this plaque:-

Bridge Plaque, River Dee, Kirkcudbright

Bridge from Kirkcudbright harbour:-

Bridge over River Dee from Harbour, Kirkcudbrightaharbour and bridge 1

Wider view again:-

River Dee Bridge from Harbour, Kirkcudbright

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 48: Tongland Power Station

Not the sort of thing you really expect to come across on rounding a corner in rural Scotland. An Art Deco/Modernist Power Station.

Tongland Power Station, part of the Galloway hydro-electric power scheme, is in Dumfries and Galloway on the A711 between Castle Douglas and Kirkcudbright.

Tongland Power Station, Dumfries and Galloway


Tongland Power Station Front Elevation

Reverse view:-

Tongland Power Station, Reverse View

Vehicle entrance gates:-

Tongland Power Station Gates

Detached building and what looks like a huge water tank:-

Part of Tongland Power Station

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