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Fløibanen, Bergen

One of Bergen’s attractions is the Fløibanen funicular railway which ascends from the city centre 320 metres up a mountain, Mount Fløyen.

This is the street that leads up to the lower station:-

A Street in Bergen, Norway

At lower station:-

Bergen Funicular Railway

Inside tunnel-

Tunnel on Foimbannen Funicular Railway, Bergen

On the ascent:-

On Foimbannen Funicular Railway, Bergen

The summit terminus leads on to a viewing area where there you get a magnificent vista of Bergen:-

View of Bergen from Mount Fløyen,

We decided to walk back down the path as it would give us a chance to see parts of Bergen visitors would perhaps not normally encounter.

There were goats near the summit:-

A Goat on Mount Fløyen, Bergen

An attration for children it seems:-

Goats in Bergen

Bryggen, Bergen

On the way into Bergen from where our ship had docked you stroll along Bryggen (the dock.) Originally named Tyskebryggen (the German Dock) and was the site of the first buildings in Bergen. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bryggen, Bergen

Bryggen, Bergen

Building in Bryggen, Bergen

I assume the one with the painted tarpualin covering it was undergoing refurbishment:-

More of Bryggen, Bergen

Several closes run off Bryggen into back streets. These house idosyncratic little shops:-

Another Close in Bryggen, Bergen

Note connecting wooden stairway here:-

A Close off Bryggen, Bergen

This building in the back streets has a wodden hoist:-

Wooden Hoist On Building off Bryggen, Bergen

This stone building marks the end of Bryggen:-

Bergen, A Building  at End/Beginning of Bryggen

The National Theatre, Bergen (ii)

More pictures of the Art Nouveau National Theatre, (aka Den Nationale Scene,) Bergen.

Detail (to right hand side of entrance – mirrored on left hand side.)

Detail, The National Theatre, Bergen


Architectural Detail, The National Theatre, Bergen

Side Tower and Canopy. There is rule of three in the columnar windows so a hint (or a prefiguring) of Art Deco:-

Side Tower and Canopy, The National Theatre, Bergen

Side of the building (to the rear):-

Part of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Side of building:-

More of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Side of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Rearmost side of building:-

To Rear of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Back of building:-

Part of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Stitched photo of part of building:-

The National Theatre Building, Bergen

The National Theatre, Bergen (i)

The National Theatre (Den Nationale Scene) is an architectural gem in the Art Nouveau style in Norway’s second city, Bergen, which we visited in September 2017.

The National Theatre, Bergen, from Garden to Front

From a distance. I didn’t realise it at the time but the statue just to the left of the lamppost is of Henrik Ibsen:-

The National Theatre, Bergen

Upper frontage:-

Upper Frontage, The National Theatre, Bergen

Entrance canopy (heavily detailed):-

Entrance Canopy, The National Theatre, Bergen

Reverse angle:-

Entrance Canopy, The National Theatre, Bergen, Reverse Angle


Doors, The National Theatre, Bergen

Door. “Billet Kontor” is, I correctly assumed, ticket office. “Video overvåket” is apparently ‘video monitored’:-

Door, The National Theatre, Bergen

Internal door (and pram):-

Internal Door, The National Theatre, Bergen

Central tower with finials:-

Finials, The National Theatre, Bergen


I’ve been away again.

A week in Orkney with the good lady, the furthest north either of us have been in Britain.

I have been further north (Stockholm and St Petersburg – or Leningrad, as it was then – since you ask; and the good lady has been to Bergen.)

Orkney was fantastic – lots to see and do. The landscape is a bit odd to a soft southerner. It took us a while to get used to the lack of trees. There are some trees on Orkney – mostly maples and usually in sheltered spots – but the hills are all bare. And you are never far from water.

The weather was all over the place though. Great sunshine for the first two days then it rained for the next two then there was another one of sun before the next saw a driving rain storm catch us on the Brough of Birsay. Still it apparently was dismal for the whole week where we live, so we escaped that.

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