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Live It Up 77: Broken Wings

Mr Mister’s first UK hit.

Mr Mister: Broken Wings

Live It Up 76: The Love Cats

A nice piece of 1983 jauntiness from The Cure.

Their first top ten hit.

The Cure: The Love Cats

Live It Up 75: I Know There’s Something Going On

I heard this on the radio a couple of weeks ago and immediately thought, “That’s Phil Collins drumming.” It’s very reminiscent of his contribution to the track Intruder from Peter Gabriel’s third solo album and is a signature drum sound which Collins seems to have created with Hugh Padgham.

I confess I didn’t remember who had performed this song and was a little surprised to hear the DJ say it was Anni-Frid Lyngstad – she from ABBA.

It was indeed Collins on the drums and he also produced the track.

The song was taken from Anni-Frid’s first solo LP, Something Going On, released in 1982. It only reached no 43 in the UK charts.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad: I Know There’s Something Going On

Live It Up 74: Man Child

I hadn’t remembered this as having rapping in it.

Ah, well. There you go. (I must have blanked it out.)

Neneh Cherry: Man Child

Live It Up 73: Da Da Da

A piece of minimalism from German band Trio. Possibly tongue in cheek.

Trio: Da Da Da

Live It Up 72: Absolute Beginners

One of Bowie’s many great songs. From 1986 and the film of the same name (itself adapted from a previous book.)

David Bowie: Absolute Beginners.

Live It Up 71: Sugar Mice

The second single from the Clutching at Straws album, which overall dealt with the effect, and strains, of continuous touring and presaged the split of Fish from the band.

This one contains one of Steve Rothery’s signature (and excellent) guitar solos.

Marillion: Sugar Mice

Live It Up 70: War Baby

I mentioned before that I saw Tom Robinson play live before he came to wider prominence. He was in a band called Café Society and they were supporting somebody or other at the Apollo in Glasgow.

This is one from Tom’s post-Tom Robinson Band output.

Here’s (a very young looking!) Tom miming to War Baby on Top of the Pops in 1983.

Tom Robinson: War Baby

Live It Up 69: When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)

A very unBritish sounding song this. It’s more like US soul music.

This seems to be a live TV performance with an extra section in the middle that wasn’t on the album version.

Deacon Blue: When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)

Live It Up 68: Oblivious

Aztec Camera’s first hit. I must confess I thought it had reached higher than no 47 in the UK charts, but apparently not.

A supposedly live TV appearance from 1983 but it looks like miming to me.

Aztec Camera: Oblivious

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