Allied War Graves, Dyce

More war graves in the Comonwealth War Graves cemetery at St Fergus’s Church, Dyce.

Fl Sgt R C Wood, Pilot ,RAF, 16/11/1941, aged 23, Czech national Vladimir Zaoral, NPOR Let, Flying Officer RAF, 5/11/1915 – 19/11/1941, Por W Śniechowski, 310 Squadron, Polish Forces, 8/12/1941, aged 24:-

World War 2 Graves, Dyce

Sgt A A Catton, Observer, RAF, 27/8/1941, aged 23, Czech national Alois Dvořák, RT Sergeant, RAF, 23/5/1916 – 24/9/1941, Pilot Officer J G Dunlop, Pilot RCAF, 15/11/1941, aged 21:-

3 Second World War Graves, Dyce

H J Cooper, Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force, 7/7/1941, aged 29, Sergeant J C Steeves, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RCAF, aged 20, Corporal J G Saunders, RAF, 22/7/1941, aged 25:-

Dyce War Graves

Sergeant D W Campbell, Wirless Operator/Air Gunner, RCAF, 16/6/1942, Wing Commander J A Dixon, Pilot, RAF, 13/7/1941, Sergeant J B Elder, Navigator, RAF, 7/12/1942:-

War Graves, Dyce

Pilot Officer J V Ensom, RCAF, 7/12/1942, aged 22, An Airman of the Second World War, RAF, Buried 30/12/1942, Flight Sergeant A R Spenser, Royal Australian Air Force, 6/6/1943, aged 22, Flying Officer E W Mitchell, Navigator, RAF, 22/9/1945:-

4 War Graves, Dyce

Pilot Officer J Winning, RAF, 27/5/1940, aged 39, Aircraftman 1st Class, H Buttery, RAF, 1/5/1940, aged 19, Aircraftman 1st Class, F Wallwork, RAF, 6/5/1940, aged 36, Flying Officer K N Gray DFC, RAF, 1/5/1940, aged 25:-

Dyce, 4 War Graves

Pilot Officer W F Crockart, Obsever, RAF, 22/3/1941, aged 28, Aircraftman 1st Class J E Mangion, RAF, 3/9/1940 aged 21, Aircraftman 2nd Class D Campbell, RAF, 3/9/1940, aged 30, Aircraftman 1st Class G W Scott, RAF, 31/8/1940:-

Commonwealth War Graves, Dyce

Sergeant F A V M Drummond, RAAF, 6/5/1940, aged 19, Flying Officer A R Nivison-Smith of Australia, Pilot, RAF, 6/11/1940 aged 22,Pilot Officer H M Coombs, RAF, 24/10/1940 aged 28. Thsi photo also includes Pilot Officer W F Crockart, Obsever, RAF, as above:-

Dyce, Commonwealth War Graves

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