More of Modernist Chester

In 2009 I posted photos of Art Deco buildings in Chester.

Last September we took a trip into the city again from our stop at nearby Hawarden. Since we were approaching the city by a different route I found some more buildings to photograph.

A block of shops on Christleton Road. Some Art Deco style here, roofline, rule of three in main building windows:-

1930s Block Of Shops, Chester

I only noticed the above because I had stopped to photograph Tanner’s Wines. Note horizontals, verticals, glazing, rule of three in frontage, clock.

Tanner's Wines, Chester


Frontage Tanner's Wine, Chester

Other side view:-

Side view, Art Deco Tanner's Wines, Chester

“Sunburst” doors. Deco par excellence:-

Doors, Tanner's Wines, Chester

In the city centre were a few more buildings I’d missed the previous time.

Body Shop, minor Deco touches, (flat) roof line, rule of three in centre windows:-

Body Shop, Chester

Deichman. On the cusp of Deco:-

Deichmann, Chester

I managed to get Marks and Spencer this time:-

Marks &Spencer, Chester

Detail. Note “sunburst” balcony:-

Detail Marks and Spencer, Chester 1

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