On the way back up from Northeast England last June we took a trip over the causeway (having looked up the tide-tables beforehand) to Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, a place I’d always wanted to visit but somehow had never seemed to find the time before.

It’s an odd experience driving over the causeway – it feels quite long – but the trip was worth it. There was more to Lindisfarne than I’d imagined. Not just the castle and Priory.

Lindisfarne Castle from Approach Road:-

Lindisfarne Castle from Village

Closer view:-

Lindisfarne Castle

From the road there’s a good view over the sea to Bamburgh Castle:-

Bamburgh Castle

I thought the objects in the next photo were a bit odd, but obviously with some age to them. Only when I got home and looked them up did I find they were Guile Point obelisks and lighthouse. (When lined up the obelisks indicate the safe channel into Lindisfarne harbour.) As seen from Lindisfarne:-

Obelisks and Lighthouse from Lindisfarne

They can be seen again in the background here beyond Lindisfarne’s foreshore with these wooden stumps:-

Stumps on foreshore, Lindisfarne

There is a small village on the island (where lie the remains of Lindisfarne Priory) and a harbour.

Lindisfarne Harbour, Village and Priory from road to Castle:-

Lindisfarne Harbour, Village and Priory from Road to Castle

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