1900s Town, Beamish

The 1900s Town at Beamish Open Air Museum is probably the most popular attraction in the vast grounds. It was certainly crowded. The queue for the sweetshop spilled outside onto the pavement. (We did queue up though.)

This old car was in the 1900s Town Garage which is described as a Stables:-

Old Car in Garage, 1900s Town, Beamish

In the same garage there was a very unusual delivery bike. I assume it’s called a Penny-four-farthings:-

A Penny-four-farthings, 1900s Town, Beamish

The “town” had a small park at the top of which was a War Memorial in the form of a large artillery piece:-

Artillery Piece as War Memorial, 1900s Town, Beamish

The dedication on the plaque reads, “This gun was placed in Redman Park as a memorial to the men who died in the war to end all wars 1914-1918. Unveiled by Lt Col R R Humphrys. (Hoodge Day MCMLXXXVIII.)” Would that be Hooge Day?

1900s Town, Beamish, War Memorial Inscription

We didn’t seem to take as many photos in the town as I’d have wished. So many of the exhibits were crammed with people.

This was the bakery. Lovely windows. We would have bought something from it but the queues again were huge – even bigger than for the sweetshop.

Beamish, Edwardian  windows,

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