SF Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times (i)

My contribution this week to Reader in the Wilderness’s Bookshelf Travelling in Insane Times meme. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

These are some of my hardback SF and Fantasy books. I didn’t buy many hardbacks back in the day (except second hand) so most of these are fairly modern SF and some are review copies.

Science Fiction Hardbacks (i)

Above note some J G Ballard (his Empire of the Sun ought not really be shelved here but it keeps his books together,) Iain M Banks, Eric Brown, Alan Campbell, Ted Chiang, the wonderful Michael G Coney, the excellent Richard Cowper, Hal Duncan and Matthew Fitt’s amazing But n Ben A-Go-Go, an SF novel written entirely in Scots.

The next shelf still has some of its adornments in front:-

Science Fiction Hardbacks (ii)

Stand-outs here are Mary Gentle, the all-but indescribable R A Lafferty, the sublime Ursula Le Guin, Stanisław Lem, Graham Dunstan Martin, Ian R MacLeod, Ken MacLeod, Ian McDonald.

You’ll also see the proof copy of a novel titled A Son of the Rock perched above the books at the right hand end on row 2.

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  1. Carl V. Anderson

    Nice books! I love being able to click on pictures to really do a proper perusing.

    Banks is an author I seriously need to try. When he passed there were so many writing about their love of his work. I do have a copy of Surface Detail on Kindle when it was on a free offer, but none of his other books.

    I need to pick up that Chiang collection, he is a wonderful writer. I also think I have one or two Eric Brown paperbacks on my downstairs shelves.

    Lafferty is an author I really need to read. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorites and he is one of many who credit Lafferty as a huge influence. It is possible I’ve read a short story or two in an anthology at some point, but I certainly haven’t given his work a proper read.

    Love Ken Liu.

    I’ve read and enjoyed some Ian McDonald over the years. Talented writer.

    thanks again for visiting my site and for linking here. It is really fun to see UK versions of books I have on my shelves with American spines. I knocked together a post about a years-ago visit to an iconic American SFF used bookstore that has been burned in the riots for my Traveling post today.

  2. jackdeighton

    Banks’s approach to Space Opera is a fair bit different from most. He’s someone I liked both as a writer and person. Very affable.
    Chiang never seems to write a dud.
    Eric Brown is a close friend of mine – I may be biased but his best is up there for me. Lafferty’s work is odd-ball.
    I’ve read very little Gaiman.

  3. CLM

    I don’t see many familiar titles but it brings me back to when I worked with Daw and Roc. Great variety!

  4. jackdeighton

    Not as much variety as my shelves of SF paperbacks!
    You worked with Daw and Roc? Fine SF publishing names. What role did you play with them?
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.

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