Dumfries Art Deco (v) Carers Centre, a Garage and Two houses

More Art Deco from our visit to Dumfries in May 2018

This is on Whitesands, over the road from the river Nith. Now a Carers Centre. Surprisingly the windows haven’t been too mucked about with:-

Art Deco Building, Dumfries

A former garage, again on Whitesands, close to the River Nith. Now multiple shops:-

Art Deco Garage, Dumfries

This Deco house on has had its eyes poked out:-

Art Deco House, Dumfries

It lies on New Abbey Road, just at its junction with Pleasance Avenue.

Dumfries, Art Deco House

Gable end:-

Gable End, Art Deco House, Dumfries

Its gate posts:-

Gate Posts, Art Deco House, Dumfries

This neighbouring Art Deco house, almost a mirror image of the previous, is in Pleasance Avenue:-

Neighbouring Art Deco House, Dumfries


Frontage, Neighbouring Art Deco House, Dumfries

Gable end:-

Gable End, Neighbouring Art Deco House, Dumfries

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