Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace – or Christiansborg Slot – is the seat of the Danish Parliament, Denmark’s Supreme Court and the Ministry of State. No doubt the stone balls are a security measure but they do not look out of place:-

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

There was a woman demonstrating for Peace outside the Palace. No one batted an eyelid at her. She was just accepted as part of the furniture:-

Peace Woman, Copenhagen

Reverse of Christiansborg Palace. This sits in front of what looks like the Danish equivalent of Horse Guards Parade:-

Reverse of Christiansborg Palace

“Danish Horse Guards Parade”:-

Danish Horse Guards Parade Looking South

Looking west:-

Copenhagen Horse Guards Parade 2

Looking east. Nice pleached trees:-

Danish Horse Guards Parade, Copenhagen

Pleached Trees, Christiansborg Palace, and lamps:-

Pleached Trees, Christiansborg Palace and Lamps

Close-up on lamp standard:-

Lamp Standard, Danish Horse Guards Parade, Copenhagen

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