Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

We visited the new V&A, Dundee, last week where the first exhibition was on Ocean Liners, with the sub-heading Speed and Style:-

Poster For Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Exhibition Poster, V&A entrance behind:-

Ocean Liners Exhibition Poster & V&A, Dundee

This post only scratches the surface of what is a sumptuous exhibition which is mainly a feast of Art Deco style reflecting the ocean liner’s inter-wars heyday.

Brochure for French shipping line:-

Shipping Line Brochure, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

United States Lines Brochure:-

United States Lines Brochure,  Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

It’s not exclusively Art Deco, though. This is a Louis XIV style door from a pre World War 1 French liner:-

Loius XIV Door. Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

A similar Louis XIV style panel and chair:-

Loius XIV Door Panel and Chair

Wall panel from one of the Titanic’s sister ships, SS Olympic:-

Wall Panel from SS Olympic

The ultimate in streamlined ship design. Perhaps it was fortunate this was never built. Everything’s enclosed, there’s no deck where you could take the air. (It also looks a bit like a submarine):-

Streamlined Ship Model

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  1. Joan Kyler

    What a terrific exhibit. I love ocean liners, although because I’m inclined to motion sickness, I’m not a candidate for passenger. But what a glamorous era of travel that was We in the US should be ashamed that our flagship, the SS United States, is currently rotting to death at a pier in Philadelphia. She’s a beautiful ship. Like many sports cars, she looks like she’s speeding even when she’s not moving. I’m ashamed that our government won’t invest in her restoration. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_United_States

  2. jackdeighton

    At least you haven’t sold it off to other countries like we did ours.
    It’s a pity the plans to make it into a floating restaurant or similar haven’t come to anything.

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