Art Deco in Blackpool (iv) A Building

Under refurbishment at the time of photo. I’ve no idea what it is or was. Possibly once an insurance company?

Art Deco Building in Blackpool

Detail, cartouche and slogan, “Progress.”

Art Deco Detail, Blackpool

Friezes. Representations of aeroplanes of various sorts:-

Art Deco Friezes, Blackpool

Cartouche on corner block:-

Art Deco Cartouche on Corner Block

Ship friezes (right):-

Art Deco Ship Friezes, Blackpool

Ship friezes (left)

Ship Friezes, Blackpool

Stitch of ship friezes:-

Stitched Photgos og Ship Friezes, Blackpool

The further end of the building:-

Art Deco Building Again, Blackpool

Window detail:-

Art Deco Window Detailing, Blackpool

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  1. ann

    I understood that it was council offices

  2. jackdeighton

    Thanks for this. You’ll have more knowledge about it than me.
    And thanks for looking in and commenting.

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