In Flanders Fields Museum Exhibits (i)

Exhibits in In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres (Ieper) Belgium.

Anti-tank rifle:-

Anti-tank Rifle, In Flanders Fields Museum

Photograph of survivors of a Canadian battle of the Great War:-

Canadians, In Flanders Fields Museum

Flame Thrower (Flammenwerfer):-

Flame Thrower, In Flanders Fields Museum

(The next one was too far behind its glass for the camera to focus properly.) Fritz Haber was responsible for developing Chlorine gas as a weapon. Also without his Haber Process to make ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen (necessary for producing artificial fertiliser) the Germans would have been unable to make nitrate explosives and so would have been forced to an armistice much earlier. The main exhibit was of an actor speaking Haber’s words:-

Fritz Haber Exhibit

Tableau of Horse Ambulance:-

Tableau of Horse Ambulance

The Wipers Times was a satirical magazine produced by soldiers during the Great War:-

Copy of Wipers Times

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