Culloden (iii)

This very modern Memorial Bench is near the path from the visitor centre to the battlefield at Culloden:-

Culloden Memorial Bench

The inscription is in Gaelic but an English translation is given on the smaller extension, “We followed you, Prince, to this ocean of flatness and bullets.”

Culloden Memorial Bench English Inscription

Another grave marker refers to the “English” dead. Many in the Duke of Cumberland’s victorious army were actually Lowland Scots. The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 was of course a Civil War.

Culloden: "English" Gravestone

To the foreground below is a reconstruction of the sort of house that would have been present on or near the battlefield of Culloden as shown on maps from the time. In the background is the modern visitor centre. These buildings make the scene much less bleak than it used to be.

House on Culloden Battlefield

This is the back of the cottage:-

Culloden Battlefield House Rear View

Side view of cottage:-

Culloden Battlefield House Side View

Front of cottage:-

Culloden  house

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  1. Kenny Cameron

    Most of the Government were English and that’s where the English soldiers were buried

  2. jackdeighton

    Kenny Cameron,
    Fair enough if it’s English soldiers who are buried there.
    The wording does though promote the impression that the battle was a Scots vs English one, which is a wild oversimplification.
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.

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