Falls of Dochart, Killin

On our trips around the country with the good lady’s blog pal Peggy we ventured west and took a small detour to Killin to see the Falls of Dochart.

It only occurred to me later that I should have taken a video to show the movement of the water and capture the noise.

Falls of Dochart (i)
Looking towards Killin. Bridge in background. The river (Dochart) divides in two just before here then merges again where the bridge crosses it at Killin village.

Falls of Dochart (ii)
Looking upstream from road to west.

Falls of Dochart (iii)
Looking back towards site of photo (i).

Falls of Dochart (iv)
Looking downstream to bridge.

Falls of Dochart (v)
Looking upstream from bridge.

Falls of Dochart (vi)
Looking upstream from bridge to other strand of river.

Falls of Dochart (vii)
Showing where the river merges again.

Falls of Dochart (viii)
Looking downstream from bridge.

Falls of Dochart (ix)
Looking from old mill across to where photo (i) was taken.

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    Fine photos! The scenery is inviting, the waters restful-looking and friendly. In this corner of the world, just a half-day’s drive away, the streams are kayak-able but sometimes dangerous. Northaways in Canada, we’ve got some seriously scare-ific flows.
    My kayaking days are over now, and even years ago I and my pals were no daredevils. We rode in big heavy “touring” boats and took care to avoid thrilling but nasty rapids. Forty-odd years ago, we rode the Moose River in Ontario to Hudson’s Bay, interesting but a little bit too much more than interesting. The tributary of this stream, the mighty Abitibi, had carried off three boaters in that season. Shit on that!
    i spent many happy hours with my daughter strolling along the banks of the Water of Leith in the early 2000’s, such a beautiful bit of water. When she told me her doggie had once fallen into the Water, I almost plotzed [Yiddish: “burst”] but then she told me that the water was mostly only about two feet deep.

  2. jackdeighton

    I may be wrong (I’ve never kayaked in my life – though my younger son has) but these falls don’t look like they would be easy to go over in a kayak. The river narrows a lot just before going under the bridge.
    I watched a biggish rubber boat once go over some rapids – with quite a steep fall – on the River Tummel near Dunkeld in Perthshire, though. Purely by coincidence. It happened to come down while we were visiting the structure known as The Hermitage.

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  4. Peggy Ann

    Fond memories, Jack! The pics are exquisite!

  5. jackdeighton

    Thanks Peggy,
    There’s one of you three ladies on the bridge but I thought I’d leave that to the good lady.

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