Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 32: Biggar

Biggar is in Lanarkshire, 11 miles or so south of Lanark, far enough away from a really big town to have retained many of the sorts of shops which have disappeared from many High Streets. Most of them seemed independent/local. Not many chain shops anyway.

I spotted two deco influenced buildings. The first was a hairdresser’s.

Art Deco Shop Biggar

This close up from a different angle shows the detailing. Horizontal lines, angled frontage. Windows have been replaced but not too unsympathetically.

Close up on Deco Hairdresser's, Biggar

The second was an extension to a bank. Well, no longer a bank but instead it houses several small businesses. Nice frieze above the door.

art Deco Style Bank Extension, Biggar

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  1. David

    Nice examples Jack. I like the hairdresser’s especially. It would be easy to bypass these buildings but taking the extra time to look at the details brings great rewards. I’d love to know when they were constructed. The could be pre-deco, picking up on the styles that were emerging and would become the dominant interwar style or post-deco reflecting the influence of pre-WWII design. Of course they could be slam bang in the middle of the 20s or 30s taking the elements that the architect or owner decided to incorporate.

  2. jackdeighton

    Thanks David,
    The hairdresser’s definitely looks 1930s to me but it may be earlier I suppose.
    I doubt it’s later. I’m not at all sure about the bank extension.

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