A Shakespeare Connection

One of the reasons the good lady wanted to return to Warwickshire was to visit the village of Temple Grafton. (An acquaintance of hers had ancestors from there and she had promised to take photographs.)

My first point of interest was of course the War Memorial, a simple restrained structure inside the churchyard. World War 1 names are on the cross’s pedestal. Those for World War 2 are on the stone set in the flower bed.

War Memorial, Temple Grafton

The Church itself, St Andrew’s, Temple Grafton, is the one where Shakespeare was married; as this notice in the porch attests.

Shakespeare's Marriage

Here is how the church looks from the graveyard.

Church of St Andrew, Temple Grafton

We wandered round the village for a bit. The road winds up and down a little and there are houses of all ages, from old thatched cottages to modern bungalows. The village school seemed well populated judging by the sounds of play coming from the grounds. It must have been morning interval when we were there.

We found this old phone red telephone booth by the side of the road. These are rare now. Judging by the weeds around it it hasn’t been used in a while.

Phone booth, Temple Grafton, Warwickshire

It can’t have been so long though – well a few years maybe – if the “Coins Not Accepted Here” notice is anything to go by.

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