Kirkcaldy’s Lost Art Deco Heritage. 2. Carlton Cinema, Park Road

Carlton Cinema, Kirkcaldy

The picture is from the Scottish Cinemas website.

This building’s main claim to fame is that the Beatles once played there. I think it was when they were just on the cusp of fame. I wasn’t around at the time. (Not in Fife anyway.)

Like many cinemas it failed to survive the changing times and is now demolished.

Shame it’s gone, though.

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  1. dave hutchison

    I used to collect my newspapers for delivery at the carlton and remember the doorkeeper telling us the stories about the fab fours visit

  2. jackdeighton

    Thanks for this, Dave.
    Just think; if the Carlton hadn’t been demolished they could do “the Beatles played here” promotions.

  3. dave hutcison

    that would have been great ther song cry baby cry.when they mention the duchess of Kirkcaldy a remember my father telling me he heard that they were referring to the wife of a surgeon from Kirkcaldy a mr john Sutherland who practised at the old cottage hospital that was before the victoriawas open/it was next door to the ravenscraig father worked there and new him.

  4. jackdeighton

    There’s a restaurant recently opened in the town calling itself the Duchess of Kirkcaldy.
    They took the name from the song.

  5. dave hutcison

    yes a saw that .I was at the school with the owner George mcay he was at viewforth school.small world eh.


    The carlton was a bingo hall latterly and was destroyed by fire in 1972 then 2 years later in 1974 the odeon cinema was destroyed by fire and in 1978 the rio by then also a bingo hall was destroyed by fire as well thats why the carlton was demolished as well as the odeon and rio cinemas which were also demolished check out the scottish cinema website for photos of the rio and odeon

  7. jackdeighton

    Thanks for this, Donald.
    I wasn’t aware of the precise history as all of this took place before I came to live in Kirkcaldy. I just lament the loss of any deco building.

  8. Margaret Meldrum

    I have many fond memories of “going to the pictures” in the 1940s and 1950s. I was enamoured of the movies – where one could be transported to another world. And there were many in those days, and of all, I hold most dear in my heart the comfort and cosiness of the Carlton. In those days the pictures ran Monday to Wednesday, and Thursday to Saturday. Good value for your money – the Rio used to be 6pence and 3pence. Usually two features, the Movietone News, a cartoon and maybe a Lupe Velez and/or Leon Errol short. I remember seeing Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch at the Carlton. Even after the announcement of the air raid warning, we kept our seats and the show continued. Ah, great memories of the Rio, Raith, Regal, Rialto, even the Palace. Just a few memories from Toronto.

  9. jackdeighton

    Thanks for looking in and commenting.
    I’m glad to have helped bring back memories for you. It seems you caught the cinema era at its peak. It’s sad so many of these buildings are now lost.

  10. ron milne

    When i was young i remember the Carlton being built. The old houses were being demolished to make way for the cinema to be built and we used to play in the old buildings opening the plumbers lead pipes to get water sprays, not very legal i know but we were children. Years later i spent many times at matinees in the Carlton.

  11. jackdeighton

    Ron Milne,
    Glad to help bring back your memories.
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.

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