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Falkland War Memorial Addendum

I first posted about Falkland War memorial here. In 2018 an extra memorial was added by its side. This takes the form of a green and red cart filled with Memorial crosses. I assume this was placed here to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War’s end. It lies beside the very recently erected Falkland War Memorial (see link) before which the town’s fallen were commemorated by a plaque housed in various buildings over the years.

War Memorial Cart, Falkland

Memorial crosses:-

Crosses in Falkland War Memorial Cart

Montrose War Memorial

The memorial is in Hope Paton Park. View from side:-

Montrose War Memorial

The memorial is a bronze figure of Victory standing on a ball above a stone pedestal, with supplementary pillars. Memorial bench to front:-

Montrose War Memorial 2

Reverse view:-

Montrose War Memorial, Reverse

Great War Dedication. Bronze plaque inscribed, “To the glory of God and in sacred memory of those belonging to Montrose who gave their lives in a great cause 1914 – 1919”:-

Montrose War Memorial Great War Dedication

Great War Names, A Adam to R Falconer:-

Montrose War Memorial Great War Names

D Fawns to A McKenzie:-

Great War Names, Montrose War Memorial 8

F McKenzie to J Young:-

Montrose War Memorial First World War Names

There are names on both sides of the pillars dedicated to World War 2.

Commemorating the dead from 1939, 1940 and 1941:-

Montrose War Memorial World War 2 Plaques

Commemorating the dead from 1941 (continued) and 1942:-

War Memorial World War 2 Names

Commemorating those fallen in 1943 and 1944:-

Second World War Names, Montrose War Memorial 7

Commemorating the dead from 1944 (continued,) 1945 and 1946:-

War Memorial Montrose, Second World War Names

Edzell War Memorial

Edzell’s memorial to the two World Wars lies at the opposite end of the main road from its Boer War Memorial, in a memorial garden.

It is a tapering obelisk on a square plinth with carved wreath above, inscribed above the stone wreath, “To the unconquered dead.” Inside the wreath, “To the honoured memory of our men who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919. We owe more tears to these dead men than time shall see us pay.” On the lower plinth, “Also of those who gave their lives in the war of 1939 – 1945,” followed by World War 2 names.

Edzell War Memorial

Reverse of Memorial. Great War names:-

War Memorial, Edzell

Great War names:-

Edzell War Memorial Great War Names

Great War Names, Edzell War Memorial 4

Boer War Memorial, Edzell

Edzell is a village in Angus, Scotland, about six miles from Brechin. We stopped there on our way down from Aberdeenshire hoping to go to Edzell Castle but it was shut for the winter.

I did however find a Boer War Memorial standing in a railed enclosure just off the road through the town. It takes the form of a Celtic cross inscribed, “To the memory of gallant soldiers belonging to Edzell & District who fell in the Great Boer War 1899-1900-1901-1902. ‘Decorum est pro patria mori.'”:-

Boer War Memorial, Edzell

From south, remembering Lt Colonel D T Laing, killed near Lindley, 3/1/1901, aged 41:-

Edzell Boer War Memorial

Reverse, dedicated to Private James Paterson, killed Magersfontein, 11/12/1899, aged 21; Private James Candy, killed at Paarderberg, 18/2/1900, aged 30, and Private William Walker, died of wounds, Wyndberg, 22/3/1900, aged 21:-

Reverse Boer War Memorial, Edzell 3

From north, dedicated to Colour Sergeant David Christison, killed Magersfontein, 11/1/2 1899, aged 30, and Trooper W A Mcnab, died at Kroonstad, 23/2/1902, aged 21:-

Edzell Boer War Memorial, from North

Kintore War Memorial

Kintore is a town in Aberdeenshire a few miles south of Inverurie. Its War Memorial is one of those that consists of a gateway, here surmounted by an arch and cross. The gateway leads into the churchyard.

War Memorial, Kintore

Great War dedication. On left side, “In grateful memory of the men of this parish who gave their lives in the Great War,” names and 1914.
On right side, “‘Remember the love of them who came not home from the war,'” names and 1919:-

Great War Dedication, Kintore War Memorial

Reverse. (Pity about the trafiic cones):-

Reverse of War Memorial, Kintore

Second World War dedication. On left, “Also in memory of the men of this parish who laid down their lives in the World War 1939 – 1945,” followed by names.
On right, “They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn,” followed by names.

Second World War Dedication, Kintore War Memorial

I note that the dedication says, “They shall not grow old.” In his poem For the Fallen, Laurence Binyon actually wrote, “They shall grow not old,” which has a subtler meaning. It has also been said in some quarters that ‘condemn’ is a misprint for ‘contemn.’ It seems that may not be the case.

Huntly War Memorial

Huntly is a town in Aberdeenshire.

Our visit there had a threefold purpose. To photograph the War Memorial, to look at the bookshop in the town and to visit Huntly Castle.

The War Memorial is unusual, a tapering obelisk above a group of granite columns in an elongated octagon:-

Huntly War Memorial

Showing elongated shape:-

War Memorial, Huntly

Dedication. The obelisk has the date 1914. The dedication reads, “Men of Huntly who fell in the Great War 1914:1918.” Great war names on both side tablets, World War 2 on lower tablet:-

Huntly War Memorial Dedication

Looking towards the town:-

Huntly, War Memorial

Epitaph. The obelisk bears the date 1918. The epitaph reads, “Their land they crowned with fame that shall not die: in death they died not, being raised on high to glory with the brave.” Great war names on both side tablets, World War 2 on lower tablet:-

Epitaph, Huntly War Memorial

Inverurie War Memorial

Set in a garden in the town centre Inverurie’s War Memorial is a figure of a Highland soldier on a square granite base above a tapering plinth.

Inverurie War Memorial

Dedications. “In proud and grateful memory of the men of Inverurie and District who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919,” with below, “At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.” Bottom dedication, “And of those who died in the service of their country in the Second World War 1939 – 1945.”

War Memorial and Dedication, Inverurie

From east. Great War names above, World War 2 below:-

War Memorial, Inverurie, From East

From north. Great War names above, World War 2 below:-

Inverurie War Memorial from North

From west. From east. Great War names above, World War 2 below:-

War Memorial from West, Inverurie

Drumoak War Memorial

Drumoak is a village lying on the A 93 between Peterculter and Banchory, Aberdeenshire. Its War Memorial consists of a bench, pillars and cross. Left hand pillar here inscribed, “1939 – 1945” plus names.

Drumoak War Memorial

Fronts of pillars inscribed “1914” and “1919” with names for Great War below. The wording on the pillars from side of left-hand pillar round to side of right-hand pillar is, “Their name liveth for evermore. The(y) died for us, Through Sacrifice to Peace, Their lives they gave.” When I photographed it the “y” of “They died for us” was missing:-

War Memorial, Drumoak

Pillars and Cross. Right hand pillar inscribed “1939 – 1945” plus names:-

Drumoak War Memorial, Pillars and Cross

Reverse of pillars:-

Pillars, War Memorial, Drumoak

Cross. Inscribed “Peace”

Cross, Drumoak War Memorial

Interior Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire

Dining room:-

Dining Room, Drum Castle

Ceiling of Library (formerly the servant’s Hall)

Drum Castle Library Ceiling (Formerly Servant's Hall)

Window recess, Library. Note thickness of the wall, for defensive purposes:-

Drum Castle Library, Window Recess

The muniments room was where the owner did his accounts and doled out money. The chair is said to be very old:-

Drum Castle, Chair in Muniments Room

Door to sitting room:-

Sitting Room, Drum Castle

Sitting room:-

Sitting Room, Drum Castle

Sitting room fireplace:-

Sitting Room Fireplace, Drum Castle

Sitting room ceiling:-

Drum Castle Sitting Room Ceiling

van Dyk portrait of King Charles I in Drum Castle. Sadly photo did not turn out well:-

van Dyk Portrait, Drum Castle


Bedroom, Drum Castle

War Death Commemoration, Chapel, Drum Castle. Lieutenant Robert Hugh Irvine, the Gordon Highlanders, aged 22 years, killed at Singapore, 13/2/1942:-

War Commemoration, Chapel, Drum Castle

Marykirk War Memorial

A red stone slab pillar built with Celtic bas-relief carving and two cast bronze name panels:-

Marykirk War Memorial

War Memorial, Marykirk

Upper plaque, inscribed, “To the glorious memory of men from Marykirk who fell on active service 1914 – 1919,” Great War names, then below, “May we be worthy of their sacrifice”:-

Great War Names, Marykirk War Memorial

Lower plaque, to, “Those who fell in the Second World War” followed by the names:-

Marykirk War Memorial, WW2 Names

Memorial bench behind memorial:-

Marykirk War Memorial  Bench

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