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Rural Road Hazards

The B 6278 road between Stanhope and Barnard Castle (see previous posts on those settlements) has a seriously sharp turn and then very steep climb just after Stanhope. Before long you are in middle of nowhere territory. Nothing but the road and moorland hills.

And then you come across the sheep. (Well we did.)

I eventually stopped for this photo to be taken. Earlier on there had been several sheep on the road but I managed to navigate past them going slowly before I thought there was a photo opportunity. (I noted the snow poles by the roadside while I was driving. You could almost be in Scotland):-

Sheep on Road

At least these two weren’t a hazard to drivers:-

Sheep by B 6278

Driving in upland Britain. Always an adventure.

Mind you I’ve come across sheep blocking the road before. Once on a trip up East Lomond (aka Falkland Hill) from Leslie to the pass at the top over to Falklkand. A whole flock was being moved from one field to another. They covered the road and there was no option but to stop. They were jumping and climbing all over each other but they must have had an excellent sense of space because they all passed the car without any of them touching it.

Once, on Wemyshall Road by Hill of Tarvit Mansion, there was a single sheep on the road which obviously thought the grass there would be sweeter than in the field.

And then there was Duirinish.

War Memorial, Stanhope, County Durham

Stanhope’s War Memorial is a stone cross above a square plinth. It stands in the grounds of St Thomas Church but is visible from the street:-

War Memorial, Stanhope, County Durham

Dedication and names. “To the glory of God and in memory of those from the ecclesiastical parish of Stanhope who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919.”
“1939 – 1945. Let us also remember.”

Stanhope War Memorial Dedication and  Names

Minor Art Deco in Stanhope, County Durham

Stanhope is a village in County Durham, England.

The Bonny Moorhen has some deco touches: horizontals, verticals, flat roof, rounded corner:-

Art Deco(ish) Building, Stanhope, County Durham

Its side aspect also shows off a stepped roofline:-

Stanhope, County Durham, Art Deco

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