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Royal Anglian Regiment Colours, Peterborough Cathedral

On one of the side walls of Peterborough Cathedral are the colours of the Royal Anglian Regiment (the 2nd Battalion I think.)

Regimental Colours, Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral, Regimental Colours

Peterborough Cathedral

Just as a reminder, this is what Peterborough Cathedral looks like from outside:-

Peterborough Cathedral

This is the entrance from inside – and the stained glass windows above it:-

Stained Glass, Peterborough Cathedral Entrance

Stained glass in side chapel:-

Stained Glass , side chapel, Peterborough Cathedral

Stone vaulting:-

Stone Vaulting, Peterborough Cathedral

There is another stone-vaulted chamber at the cathedral’s further end:-

Stone Vaulting, Peterborough Cathedral

Main ceiling – painted wood:-

Wooden Vaulting, Peterborough Cathedral

Mosaic Floor – altars beyond:-

Patterned mosaic floor, Peterborough Cathedral

Altar with older stone altar behindr:-

Stone altar,Peterborough Cathedral

Stone altar, reverse angle:-

Stone altar, Peterborough Cathedral

Boer War Memorial, Peterborough Cathedral

The day after Bletchley Park we visited Peterborough again.

Unlike last time, we managed to get to see the inside of Peterborough Cathedral, my photograph of which is here.

There’s a lot to see there – including a Boer War Memorial:-

Boer War Memorial, Peterborough Cathedral

War Memorials and Grave, Wooler Church

On the way back up from Peterborough we stopped at Wooler in Northumberland (Northumbria as was.) It’s one of our favourite places.

It being 2018 the local church was hosting an exhibition on the aniversary of the Great War’s end, featuring photographs and information about local lads who had served.

The church itself contained two War Memorials – one was a Roll of Honour for Wooler Church School, inscribed at top, “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.”

War Memorial for Wooler Church School

The other was dedicated to members of the congregation. There were two name boards, the first inscribed, “To the glory of God and in memory of the men of …” The inscription carries on to the next board.

Wooler Church War Memorial

Inscription carried on from previous board, “… the Parish of Wooler who gave their lives in the Great War AD, 1914-19.”
Next board says, “In memory of those who fell in the Second World War 1939-45.”

War Memorial Wooler Church

Stained glass in church:-

Stained Glass, Wooler Church

Grave of J Stothert, Tyneside Irish Northumberland Fusiliers, 12/8/1917, aged 45:-

War Grave, Wooler

By Way of Contrast

O tempora! O mores!

A timber framed building in Peterborough; with statues – and a Pizza Express outlet.

Peterborough Building

Less incongruent in appearance is Peterborough’s Bishop’s Palace (which is not really curved as this is a stitch of two photos):-

Bishop's Palace, Peterborough

Peterborough Cathedral, bathed in late evening sunlight:-

Peterborough Cathedral

Another old building in Peterborough’s Cathedral precincts. Pity about the traffic cones and tape in front of it:-

Old Building, Peterborough, Cathedral Square

A War Memorial, Peterborough

This memorial in Peterborough’s town centre looks modern, probably erected for the 100th Anniversary of the Great War.

This side is inscribed, “Lest We Forget.”

Peterborough, A War Memorial


A War Memorial, Peterborough

Art Deco in Peterborough

We were in Peterborough in Sep 2018 to attend an antique fair. Cruising round the town centre the evening we arrived I found some Art Deco buildings.

Minor deco, brick-built:-

Brick  Art Deco Building, Peterborough

The Burton’s was hard to photograph due to trees in the way:-

Burton's, Peterborough

Peterborough Burton's  from Side

Close-up shows the typical deco styling:-

Upper Levels, Burton's, Peterborough

Edward’s, however, was a stunner:-

Fantastic Art Deco, Edward's Peterborough

Horizontals, verticals, rounded corner, canopy…:-

Edward's Peterborough, Art Deco

Note windows with streamlined and canopied decoration:-

Art Deco, Edward's, Peterborough

I’ve Been Away Again

As the post’s title says, I’ve been away.

To England this time. One night in the Lake District, one in Cheshire and two in Peterborough where I and the good lady went to a huge antiques fair.

Plenty photos taken to add to the list of those I’ve not got round to posting yet.

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