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Penguins, Discovery Point, Dundee

Penguins are a feature of Antarctic life.

Outside Discovery Point Dundee stand four penguin statues. The road is just behind here so not all the Discovery Point Museum building is in shot.

Dsicovery Point and Penguins, Dundee

View from Museum. The new Dundee Railway Station building is across the road behind the penguins:-

Penguins Outside Discovery Point, Dundee

Watercolour of “Penguins at Cape Crozier” painted by a member of the Discovery Expedition, Edward Wilson:-


Penguins? At Christmas?

Reindeer, yes. Lappland, where Father Christmas is said to live, is famous for them.

Polar bears, yes. Also Arctic creatures.

I’d give you elves at a pinch, as they’re as mythic (oops, spoiler) as Santa Claus himself.

But penguins?

No. They are generally southern hemisphere animals; most often associated with the Antarctic.

So why are there illuminated penguins for sale as Christmas decorations and cluttering up the gardens of those who like that sort of thing at this time of year?

Just because they’re normally found in a cold climate doesn’t mean they’re anything to do with others who live in similar conditions. (Not to mention anything that might have happened about 2,000 years ago.) In fact they’re a whole world away.

Penguins at Christmas?

Bah humbug!

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