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What with one thing and another I’m late in posting about books I’ve read recently (not to mention trips I’ve been on.)

I’ve got Paris Adrift for Interzone 274 to write up and haven’t come near to thinking about what I’ll say about Science Fiction: A Literary History.

I suppose the second category (above) for this post ought to be Reading not Reviewed.

I’m eighteen months behind on photographs of places we’ve visited. That trip north to Ross-shire was in August 2016.

I’ve got things on for tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Goodness knows when I’ll catch up.


Poppies – and Christmas – in August

Yesterday I had to travel about Fife and the Edinburgh area.

In St Andrews I spotted British Legion poppies (the small ones made of metal; presumably manufactured for those who think that the normal paper ones do not sufficiently show off their “patriotism” or generosity – but I call it their ostentation) at a checkout in the “M&S Food” there.

Later in a supermarket in North Queensferry, on the way home from a dinner at my eldest son’s, just inside the door was a stack of tins (well, nowadays they’re “plastics”) of Roses, Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes.

Christmas has long since started in August – that was always when annuals were published – but Remembrance Day? They’re still beating the drums at the Edinburgh Tattoo for goodness’s sake.

How Much Do Ant and Dec Get Paid?

The Tories came up with this wheeze to get the BBC to publish the salaries of its top earners as a way of kowtowing to the wishes of their masters’ at News Corp, Sky and elsewhere as part of their continuing project to undermine the BBC. The theory seems to be that people will object to TV Licence money being “wasted” on celebrities who (by definition) are not doing a “proper” job.

Agreed these are ludicrous sums, but no more so than top footballers’ pay (perhaps less) or the even more egregious amounts paid to heads of banks and CEOs/directors at large companies, who don’t do a proper job either.

And what’s appropriate for the BBC is surely good for its broadcasting rivals too.

After all, if I happen to buy a product that has been advertised on ITV, I still pay for Ant and Dec’s salaries even though I never watch them. Ditto for anyone that appears on Sky. Why should their payments be any more commercially confidential than those who appear on the BBC?

I look forward to the day when the salaries of those at ITV and Sky are made public instead of just being estimated.

I won’t be holding my breath though.

Blog Maintenance

My blog administrator tells me some sort of update operation is taking place on 16th-17th March.

No more blog posts till the 18th then.

Radio Silence Over

Just a quick one.


I had posts scheduled for Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th and 9th and not one of them went on.

I’ll need to do them manually now….

(Starting tonight probably.)

Scheduling Problems

Two of the posts I had scheduled during the past week didn’t do so automatically and I have had to publish them manually well after they were due to appear.

This would not be an irritation if the problem persists except that I have eleven or so such posts scheduled for the next week or two as I may be away from the internet for a while myself which would make manual publishing difficult to say the least.

So; we’ll have to see what happens with this one, won’t we?

Edited to add:- Well it didn’t publish as scheduled.

Expect a period of radio silence from here for a while.

Categories Fixed

My categories drop-down menu has been tweaked and now should work as intended. My thanks to Duncan again.

New Blog Problems

I’ve noticed that since the blog’s migration to the new host and the conversion of my archives and categories to drop down menus that while the archive drop down is working the categories one isn’t.

I’m hoping this will be sorted out soon. In the meantime if you want to search in a category just try typing that category’s name into the search box at the top of the blog. Most of the relevant posts ought to come up then.

Bloody Robots!

The blog suffered a DDOS attack yesterday. (Distributed Denial Of Service – I knew the DOS part but not the distributed, which I looked up.)

Sorry for any inconvenience.

It seems robots were responsible and most them have now been blocked.

Fingers crossed for uninterrupted access.

Thanks again to Duncan for putting things to rights.

Blog Fixed?

I’m hoping that the problems with accessing the blog have been sorted.

A tweak has been made.

Thanks, Duncan.

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