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Neptune’s Staircase

Neptune’s Staircase is a series of canal locks at Banavie near Fort William at the Loch Linnhe end of the Caledonian Canal which raise the canal to a level 20 metres higher.

Bottom Lock:-

Bottom of Neptune's Staircase

Canalside path and second lock:-

Neptune's Staircase 6

Third lock – full and overflowing:-

Neptune's Staircase 7

Top of Neptune’s Staircase:-

Top of Neptune's Staircase

Opposite angle of top of Neptune’s Staircase:-

Neptune's Staircase 4

Second top lock:-

Neptune's Staircase 3

Third top lock:-

Neptune's Staircase 2


On our way back home we stopped briefly to walk on to the bridge over the mouth of Loch Leven at Ballachulish. The good lady bagged these two photos first.

Looking back towards Loch Linnhe from Ballachulish bridge:-

Loch Leven from Ballachulish bridge:-

Having time to spare and it being a lovely evening we decided to take the long way round the loch through Kinlochleven.

There used to be an aluminium smelter at Kinlochleven for which its own (hydroelectric) power station was required. As a result Kinlochleven became the first village in the world to have every house connected to electricity, coining the phrase “The Electric Village.” The smelter shut down in 1996. The photo below is of the power station outflow.

Hills (and bridge over the River Leven) at Kinlochleven:-

From the bridge above I could see a chippy with an Art Deco style frontage. The photo was taken from a distance so it was difficult to tell if the business is still going.

Situated on the outskirts of the village on the southern edge is the War Memorial; a simple Celtic cross on a stepped pyramidal base. Dedicated to the men of Kinlochleven who gave their lives in the Great Wars, 1914-18, 1939-45:-

Ben Nevis (Beinn Neibhis) and Neptune’s Staircase

Fort William is of course the nearst town to Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

We never saw it – or not all of it anyway. There were always clouds surrounding the higher slopes as in this photo taken out of the train window somewhere around Banavie.

It must be great on a sunny day.

Banavie lies at the top of Loch Linnhe and is at the southern end of the Caledonian Canal where the so-called Neptune’s Staircase, a series of eight locks, raises the level of the water by sixty feet. It is the longest series of staircase locks in Britain.

Fort William Art Deco

The town is cut off from Loch Linnhe by a dual carriageway. We walked along it the first evening and saw the Imperial Hotel. Lovely curved area with balcony above. Nice stepping on the roof line.

There are other decoish buildings on the High Street.

Could this once have been a Woolworths?:-

The next one looks flat-roofed. Windows have been altered:-

Mountain Warehouse. Minor Deco at best:-

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