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Art Deco in Rochdale (i) The Regal Cinema

Rochdale in Lancashire, a few miles north of Manchester, isn’t quite the grim post-industrial town I had half-expected. Its town centre is in fact fairly well appointed and its Town Hall a marvel I shall come to later.

But what I was most looking forward to seeing (having glimpsed it in the background to a photograph of a family member) was the former Regal Cinema – an imposing Art Deco building now housing a Wetherspoons called The Regal Moon. Note the rounded wall, the horizontal rule of three in the central windows and the vertical one in the flanking blocks:-

The Regal Moon, Rochdale

Frontage. There’s even rule of three in the white columns surrounding the central windows and in the detailing above the lower central windows plus a beautiful roundedness to the four white pillars and their peaks:-

Frontage, The Regal Moon, Rochdale

Opposite view. Note the lack of symmetry in the right-angled corner as compared to the curved one on the far side. The stepped upper levels descending towards the rear mirror the other side though:-

The Regal Moon, Rochdale, Opposite View

Some pictures of the cinema in its days as a picture house are here.

Broughton War Memorial

By the roadside on Garstang Road, Broughton-in-Amounderness, Lancashire, England.

The inscription reads, “On the tablets opposite are written the names of those from this parish who gave their lives in two great wars. Rest awhile and think on their sacrifice.”

I snatched this from the passenger window as we were passing. We were being driven by friends.

Broughton War Memorial

As I was unable to photograph it myself I found some photos of the main Broughton War Memorial on the internet. (Clicking on the small views brings them up on a larger scale above.)

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