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Scottish Design, V&A Dundee

Further to my post on Abbotsford, Walter Scott must be one of the few writers to have such a legacy, which I mentioned here.

In the section of the new V&A Dundee (posts passim) devoted to Scottish design there is a model of the Scott Monument the original of which stands in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Model of Scott Monument:-

Model of Scott Monument

There is also a Robert Adam chimneypiece:-

Adam Fireplace

Some Arts & Crafts furniture:-

Arts and Crafts Furniture

A brooch designed to resemble a galaxy:-

Galaxy Brooch

A poster for the Festival of Britain‘s Industrial Light and Power Exhibition at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow:-

Poster for Festival of Britain Industrial Light and Power Exhibition

And a bookcase/cabinet by George Logan:-

Cabinet by George Logan


We passed through Knutsford on our way down south last year and it was only then that it struck us – when we saw an allusion to it on a building that it was named after Cnut Sveinsson aka King Canute or Cnut the Great, he who famously did not hold back the waves though it seems he was proving to sycophantic courtiers that he could not do that rather than attempting to show that he could.

We thought we’d stop for a look on our way back up this year.

This building had deco aspects in the rounded elements:-

Knutsford; Art Deco?

And on the right here was the one next door:-

Knutsford Again; Art Deco?

Tesla had deco styling on the pillar, canopy and roofline:-

Knutsford Art Deco Style


Tesla, Knutsford, Detailing

One of my interests is the Festival of Britain so I found this plaque worthy of note:-

Wesley Commemoration, Knutsford

Knutsford is a typical English town with quite narrow streets. I don’t know why the bunting was out:-

Knutsford, King Street again

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