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Art Deco in Coalville (iv) Former Bus Depot

On the way out of Coalville along Ashby Road, I spotted this and had to find a parking space in order to photograph it.

It is an Art Deco bus depot built in 1925.

Coalville Bus Depot

Central portion. Deco lettering:-

Bus Depot, Coalville

Left portion. Banding below roofline. Red decoration on white detail. Rule of three in windows. Pity their eyes have been poked out.:-

Coalville Bus Depot, Left of Centre

Right portion. Banding continued. Rule of three in lower windows:-

Bus Depot, Coalville, Right Side

Former Coalville Bus Depot sign. It reads, “The Birmingham and MIDLAND Motor Omnibus Co Ltd.”:-

Coalville Bus Depot Sign

Former Rex Cinema, Coalville [Art Deco in Coalville (iii)]

The former Rex Cinema is a stunning Art Deco building – in that blocky institutional style favoured by government buildings and dictators – in Coalville, Leicestershire. After ceasing to be a cinema it became a Dunelm Mill but that too has shut.

Coalville, Former Rex Cinema


Frontage, Former Rex Cinema, Coalville

This view shows how closely located is the Rex to the Palace Cinema – also Deco:-

FFormer Rex Cinema, Coalville

Art Deco in Coalville (i) Minor Building

In Coalville I found no fewer than four Art Deco style buildings. Two of them were glorious.

This one (to the left of the photo) however, barely makes the definition. It could be seen from the square containing the Clocktower War Memorial. It’s deco only in the stepped roofline and rule of three in (filled-in) windows:-

Art Deco Building, Coalville, Leicestershire

Coalville War Memorial (ii) Great War Names

For wider views of Coalville’s War Memorial see previous post.

Dedication. “This tower was erected by the inhabitants of the district in memory of the men who went from the Coalville urban area.”:-

Dedication, Coalville War Memorial

Great War name plaques:-

F Adams – R Freeman

Coalville War Memorial, Great War Names

C T Gadsby – S W Palmer
Great War Names, Coalville  War Memorial 2

H Parish – W Young

War Memorial, Coalville, Great War Names

Coalville War Memorial (i)

On the way back up from Rye we stopped for a night at a hotel in Leicestershire near Ashby-de-la-Zouche as the name is so delightful we felt it was place we had to visit.

Between the hotel and Ashby, however, we passed through the town of Coalville, of which I confess before planning the trip I had never heard.

It’s well worth a visit though – not as far as shops are concerned but for some of the architecture and its War Memorial.

This takes the unusual form of a clock tower* which dominates the town centre. It was erected in 1925:-

War Memorial, Coalville, Leicestershire

War Memorial, Coalville

Clock tower with mining memorial in foreground. (As its name suggests Coalville has a mining heritage):-

War Memorial, Coalville

Coalville War Memorial

Close-up of tower from below:-

Coalville War Memorial From Below

*The only other clock tower I can remember seeing which also acted as a War Memorial is in the Dutch (or Friesian) town of Surhuisterveen. That commemorates the Second World War though and so will post-date Coalville’s.

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