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Art Deco in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston has its fair share, perhaps more, of Art Deco buildings.

The West End Cinema doesn’t look so deco from this angle:-

West End Cinema, Boston

But this corner doorway has Art Deco styling:-

West End Cinema, Boston, Corner.

There are Art Deco elements in this side view too:-

West End Cinema, Boston, Side

There was typical 1930s Deco styling on Marks & Spencer’s:-

Marks & Spencer, Boston

Clarks has a vaguely deco look with an undoubted deco sunburst and “M” just above the Clarks sign – presumably a relic of the original occupant:-

Vaguely Art Deco Shop in Boston 8

As does QD Stores:-

Art Deco Style, Boston

Cash Generator was more to the point. Rule of three in and on the pillars:-

Art Deco in Boston

Then there was the striking Cammack’s:-

Cammack's, Boston

Rule of three in the windows, sunburst decoration in name frieze:-

Cammack, Boston, Frontage

Boston War Memorial (ii)

I didn’t photograph all the plinths lining the avenue leading towards Boston War Memorial as there were about forty of them, some of which commemorated lesser known conflicts or aspects of large ones.

Arctic Convoys, 1941-45:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 1

Cyprus Veterans’ Association, 1955-58:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 2

Falklands War 1982:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 3

Suez, 1945-56:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 3

Dunkirk Veterans. (My father was one of the evacuees from Dunkirk):-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 5

Dieppe, 1942:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 6

Battle of Jutland, 1916:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 7

Gallipoli 1914-16:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 8

Battle of the Somme, 1916:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 9

Battle of Amiens 1918:-

Boston War Memorial Plinth 10

Boston War Memorial (i)

The War Memorial in Boston, Lincolnshire, is one of the most appealing to the eye I have seen. It has a lovely approach, a swan-neck topped pseudo archway, avenue of poppy-wreath-bedecked plinths:-

Boston War Memorial 1

Approach pathway and plinths:-

Boston War Memorial 2

The War Memorial itself is a simple cross set atop a pillar surmounting a square pedestal.
The inscription round the Memorial reads, “To the Glory of God and in Memory of the People of Boston who Died in Two Wars 1914-19 and 1939-45.”

Boston War Memorial 3

Detail from south:-

Boston War Memorial 4

Detail from east:-

Boston War Memorial 5

Detail from north:-

Boston War Memorial 6

Just beside the Memorial proper is this one to the man and women of the merchant and fishing fleets who “gave their lives but have no grave but the sea”.

Boston War Memorial 7

Boston, Lincolnshire

One of the stop offs on the way down to the ferry across to Holland in May was at Boston in Lincolnshire, mainly because it was a town we’d never been to.

The town’s most prominent landmark is pretty unmissable. St Botolph’s Church. One of the largest churches in England. The spire is visible for some distance. This was from in the town though:-

St Botolph's Spire, Boston

Apparently the locals call it the Stump. It’s fairly hemmed in and difficult to photograph entire. This stitch couldn’t get in the spire:-

St Botolph's, Boston

This is from the edge of the town square:-

Boston 5

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