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Commonwealth War Graves, Pittenweem

These are in the churchyard cemetery, the same cemetery where Pittenweem War Memorial lies.

They are all from The Great War.

J A Smith, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Forward, 29/8/1918, aged 26:-

Great War Grave, Pittenweem

Private J G Peebles, The Black Watch, 16/5/1916, age 17:-

Pittenweem, Great War Grave

J H Brand, Leading Seaman, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Mervin II, 26/11/1918, aged 25:-

First World War Grave, Pittenweem

Peter Bowman (Jappy,) Deck Hand, Royal Navy Reserve, HMS Clarosin, 19/3/1920, aged 22:-

Pittenweem, First World War Grave

Finstown, Orkney, War Memorial and Graves

Finstown is a small settlement about halfway between Kirkwall and Stromness. Its War Memorial is a simple obelisk lying beside the A 965 road through the village:-

War Memorial, Finstown, Orkney

Closer view:-

Finstown War Memorial, Orkney

Dedication “to the soldiers and sailors of Firth.” (Finstown lies on the Bay of Firth,) and names Flett-Hourston:-

Dedication, Finstown War Memorial, Orkney

Names Sclater-Turfus:-

War Memorial, Finstown, Orkney

Names Kent – Scarth:-

Names Finstown War Memorial, Orkney

World War 2 Dedication and Names:-

World War 2 Dedicationand Names, War Memorial, Finstown, Orknet

In the graveyard behind the memorial lie two Commonwealth War Graves, both from World War 2.

Marine N Isbister, RML, HMS Proserpine, 8/7/1944, aged 24, a local whose name is on the War Memorial:-

War Grave, Finstown, Orkney 1

Lance Bombardier J M Bews, Royal Artillery, 26/3/1941, aged 20:-

Finstown, Orkney, War Grave

Broughton, Scottish Borders

Broughton is in Tweeddale in the Scottish Borders. I featured its War Memorial here.

This nice wee bridge is over a burn, the Biggar Water, which flows beside the main A 701 road through the village.

A Bridge at Broughton

Reverse view:-

Old Bridge at Broughton

This quaint (shepherd’s?) hut was in the next field:-

Shepherd's? Hut, Broughton, Scottish Borders

Hut and sheep’s feeder:-

Broughton, Shepherd's Hut and Sheep Feeder

We had a look round the vilage cemetery. I found two war graves.

Private W Taylor, Highland Light Infantry, 10/11/1918, aged 21:-

War Grave in Broughton, Scottish Borders

Flight Lieutenant L E Falla, RAF, 12/9/1945, aged 49.

War Grave, Broughton, Scottish Borders

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh (iii)

This first one I found very spooky. Those of you who know me well will understand why.

Private J Stephen, Northamptonshire Regiment, 16/8/1918:-

Morningside Cemetery, Great War Grave

Squadron Leader M J Tully, Pilot, RAF, 23/11/1941:-

Second World War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Lieutenant H S Consterdine, Royal Engineers, 11/6/918, aged 46:-

aWar Grave 22

Private J Woods, Royal Scots, 23/3/1920:-

aWar Grave 15

Private J Finlayson, RASC, 18/6/1917:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Corporal T B Fyfe, RASC, 11/9/1919, aged 31:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Gunner D Gemmell, Royal Artillery, 12/9/1944, aged 39:-

Morningside Cemetery, Second World War Grave

Lieutenant F H D Jordan, Royal Garrison Artillery, 23/7/1918 and Private J Pryde, Royal Scots, 4/12/1919:-

Two War Graves, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Morningside Cemetery (ii)

More war graves from Morningside Cemetery. Two of these commemorate women who died.

Private C Cox, Royal Scots, 20/12/1918, aged 47:-

War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Driver A D G Linton, Royal Field Artillery, 29/3/1919, aged 23:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Nurse Leila Mabel Elliott, Territorial Nursing Service, 2/3/1920 aged 32:-

Female War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Private W Mair, Devonshire Regiment, 20/10/1919, aged 22:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Private J Woods, Royal Scots, 24/3/1920:-

Morningside Cemetery, Great War Grave

Lieutenant Albert James L Innes, RAMC, 11/3/1920, aged 27:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Lance Corporal A Sybray, Duke of Lancs Own Yeomanry, 4/10/1916, aged 28:-

Edinburgh, Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Private W McIlwraith, Royal Army Service Corps, 8/3/1919, aged 1929:-

Morningside Cemetery, Great War Grave

Private Margaret White Walker, Auxiliary Territorial Service, 11/2/1945, aged 22. (Supplementary groundstone erected by employees of Wm Thyne Ltd):-

Female Second World War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Sergeant J J Scott, Observer, RAF, 12/8/1940:-

Second World War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

War Graves, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh (i)

Morningside Cemetery lies between Morningside Drive and Balcarres Street in Edinburgh. It contains more than a few Commonwealth War Graves. Most are from the Great War but some are from World War 2. I found too many for one post.

Private J Couper, Royal Scots, 29/7/1915, aged 21:-

War Grave Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Private D A Chisholm, The Black Watch, 20/10/1920:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, War Grave

Corporal D W Marwick, RAF, 23/8/1940:-

Edinburgh, Morningside Cemetery, World War 2 Grave

Captain W A C Taylor, RAMC, 25/8/1917, aged 44:-

Edinburgh, War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Eng. Sub-Lieutenant E T Tylee, ‘HMS Nairana,’ 26/1/1919, aged 28:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Private J T Tully, HLI, 18/9/1918, aged 31:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Private W R Simpson, 5th Reserve Regt of Cavalry, 14/1/1915, aged 25:-

Edinburgh, Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Private A M Kerr, Royal Scots Fusilier, 21/4/1920, aged 33:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Corporal F Black, 5th Battalion Royal Scots, Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles, 27/1/1915:-

Great War Grave, Edunburgh, Morningside Cemetery

War Dedication, Captain Archibald Craig Miller, Forth Royal Garrison Artillery, 3/10/1915, aged 33:-

War Dedication, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

War Graves, Kirriemuir

As well as the grave of J M Barrie, Kirriemuir Cemetery contains several Commonwealth War Graves.

Private W P Brown, RAF, 26/6/1918, aged 17:-

Kirriemuir War Grave

Private N Clark, RAMC, 29/1/1919, aged 25:-

War Grave, Kirriemuir

Private D Lindsay, The Black Watch, 23/9/1919, aged 36:-

Kirriemuir Cemetery, War Grave

In addition this family gravestone had a commemoration of a war death, Robert MacKay Young, killed by enemy action, 28/1/1942. Interred at Reichswald Forest, Cleve:-

War Commemoration, Kirriemuir

RAF Graves, Leuchars

Many of the “war” graves at Leuchars Cemetery are of personnel who died outwith times of conflict. These may have been due to flying accidents. There was, of course, an RAF air base at Leuchars well into this century.

Squadron Leader David Nelson, RAF, 9/1/1989, age 38, Flight Lieutenant Chris Lackman, RAF, 23/9/1988, age 30:-

2 Military Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Pilot W Fraczek, RAF, 1/7/1949, age 29, Pilot Officer J B Lightfoot, 12/2/1954, age 22:-

Leuchars Cemetery, 2 Military Graves

Air Commodore N A N Bray, DFC, RAF, 8/7/1953 age 39, Reverend (Squadron Leader) Bryan McNeil, RAF, 3/1/2005, age 45:-

RAF Graves, Leuchars

Pilot Officer J S Murray, RAF, 14/6/1955, age 23, Flying Officer H J Gourley, RAF, 24/7/1954, age 23:-

Leuchars Cemetery, RAF Graves

Leading Aircraftman J T James, RAF, 17/6/1959, age 18, Flight Lieutenant R A Mackintosh, RAF, 15/2/1960, age 49:-

2 RAF Graves, Leuchars

Flight Lieutenant C R Bainbridge, RAF, 15/8/1962, age 28, Senior Aircraftman G E Lewis, RAF, 27/3/1970, age 26:-

2 More RAF Graves, Leuchars

Junior Technician Kenneth Ewan Hamilton, RAF, 22/5/1988, age 25, Flight Lieutenant Robert F Westhead, RAF, 20/2/1989, (age obscured):-

RAF Graves at Leuchars

Junior Technician Laurence G McK Forbes, RAF, 25/6/1990, age 25, Crporal John Philip Airey, RAF, 24/5/1992, age 35, Warrant Officer Mick Cromer, RAF, 11/5/1993, age 50:-

3 RAF Graves. Leuchars

Flight Lieutenant Nigel David Morton, RAF, 2/7/2009, age 43, Flight Lieutenant Gary Dunlop, RAF, 4/6/1988, age 38:-

Leuchars, 2 RAF Graves

Flight Lieutenant Stuart J M Walker, RAF, 8/7/1994, age 32, in loving memory of Sergeant J B (Tug) Wilson, once RAF, died 15/10/1993, Corporal David E Stevenson, RAF, 27/81990, age 24:-

Leuchars 3 RAF Graves

Warrant Officer C Blevins, RAF, September 1987, age 45, Corporal A M Dagujar, RAF, 29/5/1977, age 26:-

RAF Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Corporal PC Mill, RAF, 13/8/1969, age 29, Flight Lieutenant J M Knight, RAF, 21/11/1960, age 27, Flight Lieutenant J M Owen, RAF, 28/8/1964, age 31:-

Leuchars Cemetery, 3 RAF Graves

In addition there is this non Commonwealth War Grave gravestone for Lieutenant Eric John Campbell Kirby, RAF, died at Dunfermline 8/81919 from injuries received on flying duty, aged 19:-

RAF Grave, Leuchars

Plus the grave of a retired RAF serviceman, Flight Lieutenant John B Hind, RAF, 25 years service, mostly flying, latterly 23 Squadron Lightnings. 2/3/1931 – 19/9/1976:-

RAF Grave Dedication, Leuchars

War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Most of the war graves at Leuchars Cemetery are lined up before the Cross of Scarifice. I photographed these in groups.

Flight Sergeant W P W McQueen, RAF, 28/8/1947, Flying Officer F D Foote, RAF, 1/6/1941, Flying Officer G J Dunn, Navigator, RAF, 14/9/1941:-

3 War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Warrant Officer G J Forbes, RAF, (something – wireless? -) operator, Air Gunner, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 14/9/1944, Flight Sergeanty J H Williams, Royal Australian Air Force, 14/9/1944, age 24, Flying Officer J W Bayard, Royal Canadian Air Force, 14/9/1944, age 24:-

3 More War Graves, Leuchars

Flying Officer A Tulloch, Royal Canadian Air Force, 20/7/1944, age 23, Flight Sergeant J C L Small, Royal Australian Air Force, 20/7/1944, age 21, Flight Sergeant E P Smithl, Royal Australian Air Force, 20/7/1944, age 26:-

Leuchars Cemetery, 3 War Graves

Flying Officer W M Ferguson, Navigator, RAF, 11/7/1943 and Flying Officer E F Kirwan, Pilot, RAF, 11/6/1943, age 28:-

2 War Graves, Leuchars

Flight Officer E Davidson, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, 24/11.1943, age 43, Flying Officer A F Shapcott, 8/8/1943, age 29:-

2 More War Graves. Leuchars

Flying Officer J H Benton, Navigator, Royal Canadian Air Force, 11/7/1943, age 29, Flight Sergeant A I Wheatcroft, Bomb Aimer/Navigator, RAF, 24/5/1943, age 22:-

Leuchars, 2 War Graves

Warrant Officer T A Pertus, Royal Canadian Air Force, 5/2/1943, age 22, Squadron Leader C T E Smith, RAF, 24/1/1943, age 49:-

Leuchars, 2 More War Graves

Aircraftman 2nd Class L Dale, Wireless Operator, RAF, 1/12/1939, Pilot Officer R M Wuilliams, Pilot, RAF, 1/12/1939, age 25, Pilot Officer H G Yelland, RAF, 1/12/1939, age 25:-

More War Graves, Leuchars

Flying Officer C H Clark, Pilot, RAF, 10/10/1939, age 27, Pilot Officer W E Lockley, Pilot, RAF, 19/10/1939, and Sergeant H Letchford, Pilot, RAF, 4/10/1939 age 24:-

Leuchars, 3 More War Graves

Aircraftman 1st Class, C A Bates, Wireless Operator, RAF, 4/10/1939, Pilot Officer J W C McFarlane, Pilot, RAF, Pilot Officer R A Barker, Pilot, RAF, 4/10/1939, age 24:-

3 More War Graves, Leuchars

Individual War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

My general overview of Leuchars Cemetery was posted here.

Some of the war graves there are in individual plots-

Pilot Officer A A Greenberg, RAF, 14/3/1940:-

War Grave Leuchars

Flying Officer E D Godfrey, RAF, 4/9/1939:-

Leuchars War Grave

Lieutenant P Hall-Smith, RAF, 1/8/1919:-

Great War Grave, Leuchars

Sergeant R Gordon, Observer, RAF, 22/10/1941, age 21:-

Second World War Grave, Leuchars

Aircraftman 2nd Class J Kennedy, RAF, 21/8/1940, age 22:-

RAF War Grave, Leuchars

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