Barnard Castle

The town of Barnard Castle takes its name from the castle which sits on a promontory above the River Tees. At the time we visited going inside the castle required booking in advance due to Covid. As we hadn’t booked, we couldn’t go in.

Castle from town side:-

Barnard Castle,County Durham, castle ruin

Entrance to Castle:-

Entrance to Castle at Barnard Castle

Round tower:-

Barnard Castle,Teesdale, Counry Durham, castle ruin

North face of castle:-

Barnard Castle stitch, County Durham, castle ruin

Panorama of castle from over the Tees. (The curvature is due to a stitch of two photos):-

Barnard Castle from Bridge over the River Tees

Part of castle from the bridge over the Tees. Note town sign on the wall by the road:-

Barnard Castle, Castle

Castle wall from below:-

Part of Castle Wall, Barnard Castle,

Looking north from River Tees bridge, castle on right:-

River Tees, Barnard Castle, County Durham

Castle from viewpoint by River Tees:-

River Tees and Barnard Castle

Closer view. The bridge over the Tees can be seen to bottom right:-

Barnard Castle + Bridge, County Durham, River Tees

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