(I’ve been away over the weekend and so missed posting about Mac Davis and Helen Reddy. More anon.)

Anyway, here are some more photos from our trip to North Wales last September.

Prestatyn stands below a steep hill at the top of which there is a great view over the North Wales coast, looking over to Rhyl on the left with Prestatyn to the right:-

View from Hill Top, Prestatyn

Halfway up the hill there is a house with a balcony containing statues of two lookouts commemorating an RAF observation post there during the Second World War.

Lookout 1:-

Lookout, Prestatyn

Lookout 2:-

Further Lookout, Prestatyn

Both lookouts:-

Both Lookouts, Prestatyn

Near the top of the hill is the Eagle & Child Inn (also known as the Bird and Bastard):-

Eagle & Child Inn, Prestatyn

Prestatyn, Eagle and Child Inn

The above is not a badly parked car. It’s half a car:-

Half Car, Eagle & Child Inn, Prestatyn

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