Theology Room, Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, Wales

The library parts of Gladstone’s Library are reminiscent of Walter Scott’s home at Abbotsford but a bit grander. The larger of the two is the Theology Room, which, as its name suggests, mainly houses Gladstone’s collection of books on theology and religion.

Book racks, windows and gallery:-

Book Racks and Windows, Theology Room, Gladstone’s Library

The ceiling is impressive but the photo is badly focused, I’m afraid:-

Ceiling, Theology Room, Gladstone’s Library

Gallery support, complete with carving:-

Gallery Support,  Theology Room, Gladstone’s Library,

View to part of gallery:-

Upper Floor,  Theology Room, Gladstone’s Library,

A selection of periodicals on display:-

Periodicals,  Theology Room, Gladstone’s Library,

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  1. Carl V. Anderson

    Oh wow, that is lovely woodwork. They truly don’t make buildings like this anymore…or if they do it is far too rare.

  2. jackdeighton

    Yes, it is beautiful. And very uncommon. (The building’s upkeep is expensive though.)
    These days, with a few exceptions, I don’t suppose people care much about anything more than utility in a building.

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