SF Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times (ii)

Large SF paperbacks this week for Judith’s meme at Reader in the Wilderness.

I keep these in an old music cupboard I inherited from my great-uncle. I’ve got so many of these they have to be double-parked, so you can’t actually see the first and third shelves shown here when the cupboard is opened. Stacking some on their sides gives me an extra 4 cm of space. Click on the photos to enlarge the pictures.

These include a J G Ballard, Iain M Banks, Chris Beckett, Eric Brown, Ursula Le Guin and Ian McDonald:-

Large Science Fiction Paperbacks (i)

Annoyingly, even these large paperbacks do not all come in one size. The upright ones to the right here are smaller than the previous books. More McDonald, Tim Powers, Kim Stanley Robertson, Adam Roberts, Hannu Rajaniemi, a lesser Robert Silverberg, Kurt Vonnegut:-

Large Science Fiction Paperbacks (ii)

More Ballard, Banks, Beckett and Brown. Lavie Tidhar, Neil Williamson and another step down in size:-

Large Science Fiction Paperbacks (iii)

John Crowley, M John Harrison, Dave Hutchinson, Stanisław Lem:-

Large Science Fiction Paperbacks (iv)

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  1. tracybham

    Hi Jack,

    You have so many science fiction books and I have barely scratched the surface of that genre.

    I see you have The Moat around Murcheson’s Eye by Niven and Pournelle. I just got a copy of that (as The Gripping Hand) from my next door neighbor who was giving away some science fiction and mystery books. (It is a book club edition, he has been a used bookseller for many years.) I have not read The Moat in God’s Eye but have been looking for a copy. I am hoping that you recommend those books?

    On the 4th shelf I saw books by Dave Hutchinson… I have Europe in Autumn. Unread so far. I saw a review of Europe in Winter at a blog and decided to try the series, because it combines a thriller with science fiction.

    The shelf with Dave Hutchinson’s books also has several by Jon Courtenay Grimwood. I have read two of the books (and a thriller he wrote under the name Jack Grimwood). I loved 9Tail Fox and Pasherade and have Effendi on my TBR shelves. I read your review of The End of the World Blues, and now want to get a copy of that.

    Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery

  2. jackdeighton

    I read The Moat around Murcheson’s Eye donkey’s ages ago. As I recall it wasn’t as good as The Moat in God’s Eye which preceded it.
    Dave Hutchinson is excellent.
    Grimwood’s early stuff I liked. (I saw from looking back at my post on End of the World Blues that it has those odd typographical marks that appeared in older posts when my blog was migrated to a new server. I’ve now changed them to something legible. Thanks.)

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