Kotlin Island, Gulf of Finland

Kotlin Island (Ко́тлин) lies in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, where the Neva Bay opens out to the Gulf itself. Its position made it a strategic point for the defence of St Petersburg from sea attack. It now acts as an anchor point for two arms of the St Petersburg Dam project, which carries the western arm of the St Petersburg ring road.

Kotlin Island, St Petersburg

The island is the site of the city of Kronstadt (Кроншта́дт) and its Naval Base. Note dome of Russian Naval Cathedral:-

St Petersburg, Kotlin Island

Cathedral dome and part of navy yard:-

Naval Cathedral and Navy Yard, Kotlin Island, St Petersburg

Kronstadt was the centre of a rebellion by naval personnel (hitherto staunch revolutionary supporters) against the Bolshevik regime in 1921. It was unsuccessful, crushed by the Red Army.

Russian Naval Cathedral, plus part of Kronstadt Navy yard:-

Russian Naval Cathedral, Kotlin Island, St Petersburg

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