Happy Halloween

As no-one ever says round here. (And we Scots invented the damn thing.)

Cheshire Cat galaxy group

The picture above is from Astronomy Picture of the Day for 26/10/2019. It’s a photo of the Cheshire Cat galaxy group – the image is an example of gravitational lensing – but it looks to me more like a Halloween lantern.

Ignore most of the pictures in that lantern link.

A Halloween lantern should never be made from a pumpkin unless you’re North American. Emigrants to that continent adapted one of its native plants to the purpose.

In these islands – well the Scottish and Northern Irish parts anyway, where the tradition continues largely unchanged to this day and from which it was exported with those emigrants before being altered in its new setting – the only proper Halloween lantern is one cut out of a turnip (which our Sassenach neighbours insist on calling a swede.) A turnip is much harder to carve than a pumpkin.

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