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Enceladus Backlit

From Astronomy Picture of the Day, for 15/2/18, another wonderful photograph from the Cassini mission to Saturn, this one showing the moon Enceladus outgassing plumes of ice.

At bottom right of middle just below the edge-on rings of Saturn can be seen the small moon Pandora.

Enceladus backlit

The Cartwheel Galaxy

From Astronomy Picture of the Day, for 25/1/2018.

Simply beautiful.

The Cartwheel Galaxy

Fly Through Orion

Courtesy of The Daily Galaxy (and the Hubble Telescope) plus some technological trickery here is a visual fly-through of the Orion Nebula in visible and infra-red light.

Fly Over Mercury

Courtesy of today‘s Astronomy Picture of the Day. A composite of images taken by Nasa’s MESSENGER probe.

Mercury of course has a very slow rotation – onky three turns for every two trips round the sun.

It Came From Outer Space…..

Astronomers have discovered the first object from outside the solar system ever to have been observed travelling through it.

A photograph of it is at Astronomy Picture of the Day for 3/11/17.

It was reported in the journal Nature on 31/10/17.

The Nature article quotes “Rights and Permissions” for use so I have not reproduced it here but both links show the object, known as interstellar asteroid A/2017 U1.

An analysis of it movement is at

Beautiful Celestial Jewel

Check out this gem from Astronomy Picture of the Day, 12/10/17. It’s a picture of barred spiral galaxy NGC 1365 apparently in visible light (as opposed to infra-red or UV or radio images.) I haven’t reproduced it here as it’s not the usual copyright.

But it’s a lovely scene just the same.

An Ice Ring Around Fomalhaut

The amazing image below (from Astronomy Picture of the Day, 3/10/17) is of a ring of ice around the star Fomalhaut which also has at least one planet. The planet has even been given a proper name, Dagon.

The image of the ring is courtesy of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array and is superimposed on a hubble picture of the Fomalhaut system in blue.

This thing is 25 light years away yet we are able witness it in such detail (albeit at radio wavelengths.)

Ring around Fomalhaut

Solar Eclipse in Close-Up

Again from Astronomy Picture of the Day; this time for 12/9/2017.

Look how pink those solar prominences are.

Approaching Saturn

A fine video – as shown in Astronomy Picture of the Day for 11/9/2017 and made by amalgamating individual pictures – of one of the Cassini probe’s passes through the Saturn system.

5.6k Saturn Cassini Photographic Animation – First 1 minute of footage from In Saturn's Rings from Stephen van Vuuren on Vimeo.

Surface of Antares

From The Daily Galaxy, 23/8/17.

Antares, the dying supergiant.

Photo created using Very Large Telescope Interferometry at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

Surface of Antares

This is the surface of another sun!

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