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Approaching Saturn

A fine video – as shown in Astronomy Picture of the Day for 11/9/2017 and made by amalgamating individual pictures – of one of the Cassini probe’s passes through the Saturn system.

5.6k Saturn Cassini Photographic Animation – First 1 minute of footage from In Saturn's Rings from Stephen van Vuuren on Vimeo.

Surface of Antares

From The Daily Galaxy, 23/8/17.

Antares, the dying supergiant.

Photo created using Very Large Telescope Interferometry at the Paranal Observatory in Chile.

Surface of Antares

This is the surface of another sun!

Fly Over Pluto and Charon

Videos made from actual New Horizons footage and digital models of the surfaces of Pluto and Charon are now on You Tube. (I got the steer from the Daily Galaxy.)



Earth from Saturn

A stunning picture of Saturn’s rings backlit by the sun from yesterday‘s Astronomy Picture of the Day. And between them the spot of light is Earth with the tiny pinprick to its left, the Moon.

This is a view that would have been difficult to imagine seeing when I was a lad.

Between the Rings

Pan from Cassini

Nasa’s Cassini probe has produced an intriguing close-up view of Saturn’s moon Pan.

This photograph is today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Pan from Cassini

Pan orbits inside the the Encke Gap of Saturn’s A-ring but is an odd object indeed.

Exo-Planets in Motion

This is stunning. From Astronomy Picture of the Day, 1/2/2107.

A time-lapse video, taken over seven years, of Four Planets Orbiting Star HR 8799. (The system’s central star itself has been occluded to allow the planets to be seen.)

Making Waves in Saturn’s Rings

From Astronomy Picture of the Day 21/1/2017.

Saturn’s tiny moon Daphnis amid the wave striations and ring gap caused by its presence.


Cartwheel Galaxy

Another stunning picture from the Hubble Space Telescope via Astronomy Picture of the Day, 18/12/2016.

Cartwheel Galaxy

Atmospheric Pluto

A stunning picture taken by the New Horizons probe of a backlit Pluto showing its hazy but stratified atmosphere appeared on Astronomy Picture of the Day on 9/6/16.

Pluto at Night

The Bubble Nebula

This NASA image made from assigning colours to three monochromatic photos taken through the Hubble Telescope was Astronomy Picture of the Day for 22/4/16.

Bubble Nebula

It almost looks like a living cell of some sort.

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