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1994 Supernova and Spiral Galaxy

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 4/8/19.

Supernova (bottom left) and sideways -on spiral galaxy

Supernova & Spiral Galaxy

Stephan’s Quintet

A beautiful picture from Astronomy Picture of the Day for 3/6/2019.

Stephan’s Quintet, five galaxies appearing in close proximity from our perspective. Only the four redder ones are really close to each other though – so close they interfere with each others’ structures.

Stephan's Quintet

Barred Spiral Galaxy M95

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 29/5/19.

M95. A beautiful barred spiral galaxy.


A Question Mark?

This is from Astronomy Picture of the Day for 25/3/19. An astonishing photograph of two galaxies in the process of merging after one having passed through the other. The most curious feature is the trail of stars forming in between the upper and lower portions – not a usual consequence of such a situation.

The whole does look, though, a bit like an alien’s head or a slightly distorted question mark.

ARP 194

Spiral Galaxy D100

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 28/1/19.

A pretty astonishing structure emanating from said galaxy. A long tail of gas.

Spiral Galaxy D100

The gas has been stripped from the galaxy due to its passage through the hot gas in a cluster of galaxies.

NGC 1365

The image of galaxy NGC 1365 on Astronomy Picture of the Day for 28/12/18 is under copyright by Martin Pugh so I shan’t reproduce it here.

But I urge you to pop over via the link on the date.

Why does this remind me of a spider?

Another Cubic Asteroid

This one is 101955 Bennu as featured in Astronomy Picture of the Day for 13/11/2018 and photographed by the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer aka (OSIRIS-REx) on its mission to map the asteroid’s surface.

The video collapses Bernnu’s 4.25 hour day into 7 seconds:-

Space Jellyfish

It’s amazing what some of the images from Astronomy Picture of the Day resemble.

This one is from 20/10/18. The halo round the Cat’s Eye Nebula. I’ve not reproduced it here for copyright reasons but click on the link to see it.

To me it looks like a jellyfish.

The central nebula itself, NGC 6543, looks like this in X-ray and visible light:-

Cat's Eye Nebula

The Moon’s Movements

Taken from You Tube via Astronomy Picture of the Day for 12/9/18.

All the ways the Moon moves in a year. Courtesy of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. For full explanation see the 12/9/18 link.

(The soundtrack they’ve used is Johann Strauss II’s An der schönen blauen Donau known in English as The Blue Danube, which of course brings to mind the docking sequence from the film of 2001: A Space Odyssey.)

Spiral in LL Pegasi

From Astronomy Picture of the Day for 28/6/18.

Modern Astronomy provides some amazing sights. Why does the structure in this photo appear as such a perfect spiral?

LL Pegasi Spiral

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