Memorial to Danish International Efforts 1948-2011

We were able to enter the Kastellet via the King’s Gate and stroll through it amongst soldiers walking around in fatigues and who paid us and the other civilians using it as a thoroughfare no attention at all.

At the farther end, nearer to the ship’s berth, I found this memorial to Denmark’s International Efforts 1948-2011:-

Danish Memorial 1948-2011

Danish International Efforts 1948-2011 Memorial 3

The Dedication is laid into the ground and reads, “Monument for Danmarks Internationale Indsats Efter 1948. Rejst aft det Danske Folk 2011. (Monument to Denmark’s International Efforts After 1948. Erected by the Danish People 2011.)”

Wording, 1948-2011 Memorial, Kastellet, Copenhagen

Edited to add (17/6/19): I meant to say I liked that word “efter”. A Danish and Scots link showing itself there.

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