Copenhagen (i)

Like any capital city Copenhagen has some impressive buildings.

This one is on Ved Stranden (which seems to mean the beach):-

Building on Ved Stranden, Copenhagen

The Carlsberg Museum, on Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard, near the Tivoli Gardens:-

Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen

The former Stock Exchange (Børsen):-

Former Stock Exchange (Børsen,) Copenhagen

Note the Børsen’s unusual spire. The spirals seem to be lizards’ tails:-

Spire, Børsen, Copenhagen

In the distance across the waterway we saw this twirled spire. (See, too, the European Election posters on the lamppost. Unlike their total absence from my neighbourhood at home these were a feature of the EU countries we docked at):-

A Twirled Spire, Copenhagen

But it seems the UK is not the only country to have red letter boxes:-

Copenhagen Letter Box

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