Sneek (iii)

With Dutch buildings it can be difficult to decide if they are truly Art Deco. This one in Sneek has “rule of three” in the windows though:-

Art Deco Building in Sneek, The Netherlands

Yet this is similar but only has two sets of windows:-

Similar Art Deco Style, Sneek, The Netherlands

And what of these?:-

Art Deco? Sneek

Or this? The roofline undoubtedly has claims:-

Art Deco?  in Sneek, The Netherlands

This only has two sets of windows but look at the brickwork detailing at the bottom of the central column, to the sides and above:-

Art Deco, Sneek

Not much doubt about this one, even if it is minor Deco. An Indian Restaurant, not I think all that common in The Netherlands:-

Art Deco in Sneek

The windows on this shop were delightful:-

Art Deco Windows, Sneek

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