Yet More of Lorient

On the way back to the ship the good lady said, “Can you hear bagpipes?”

Indeed I could.

It turned out there was a group doing traditional Breton dance on the quayside beside the ship and they were accompanied by Breton bagpipers. (Click on photo and get to video on my Flickr.) You can see SS Black Watch looming in the background there:-

Breton Bagpipes Dancers, Lorient

They were also taking the opportunity to ply us with traditional food; pancakes. I had one with abricot, jam as it turned out.

Steaming out of Lorient we had a good view of the main reason why Lorient was heavily bombed during World War 2, the German built submarine pens. Lorient’s position gave the U-Boats instant access to the Atlantic.

In background here:-

Submarine Pens Lorient 1

View from rear side:-

ubmarine Pens, Lorient 2

Side front:-

Submarine Pens, Lorient 3

Slightly further across:-

Submarine Pens, Lorient 4

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