Canadian War Memorial St Julien, West Flanders

This is commonly called the Brooding Soldier:-

Canadian War Memorial, Saint-Julien

Sited on Vancouver Corner about a mile south-east of Langemark-Poelkapelle near Saint-Julien (Sint-Juliaan in Flemish,) it marks the spot where the first large-scale gas attack on the Western Front was launched by the Germans on 22nd April 1915. It sits in a beautifully kept memorial garden. The trees are apparently deliberately trimmed into the shape of artillery shells.

The Brooding Soldier Dedication Plaque

View from within the gardens:-

The Brooding Soldier Memorial Gardens

Closer view:-

The Brooding Soldier

Head detail. Stunning:-

aThe Brooding Soldier Monument Detail

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  1. fenton arthur

    Dear Jack Deighton, may I reproduce the 4th photo down (“closer view”) in the story of my great uncle Arthur, who was killed right beside his brother at Locality C, during the 2nd battle of Ypres, April 1915. I will privately print up the story for my siblings, nieces, nephews and 1st cousins, at no cost to them. (It will not be posted on the internt.) I would attribute this photo to you and your website.

    Would you grant me permission to do that?

    Thanks in advance for considering this.

  2. jackdeighton

    Fenton Arthur,
    Absolutely. No problem.
    I’m so sad your Great Uncle and his brother died. There are more than a few War Memorials where brothers are listed. I came across a cemetery recently where three brothers were interred by each others’ side under their Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones.
    Thanks for looking in to the blog.

  3. fenton arthur

    Jack, I thought I’d receive an email, and only just now checked your website. Sorry. Thank you for allowing me to reproduce the image.
    And yes, it’s painful to consider more than one man in a family being killed in that war. I am pleased that many people, from many countries, visit the memorials.

  4. jackdeighton

    fenton arthur,
    I’m not used to people wanting to re-use my photos. If it happens again I’ll need to remember to email!

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