Art Deco Cinema in Danger, Cheltenham

Today I had a comment on my Art Deco in Cheltenham post.

It contained this link.

Apparently the Odeon Cinema (which I did not encounter when I was in Cheltenham but I have found the photo below at is in danger of being demolished and in particular the friezes of two naked ladies which adorn its frontage may be lost to Cheltenham. Photos of the cinema – some showing the friezes – can be found here.

The link in the comment – which I repeat here – is to a petition to save the friezes (- and I would hope the whole building.) I urge anyone interested in Art Deco to sign it, as I have.

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    My brother, the mad philologist, pronounces “Art Deco” as “ahr day-KOH,” in other words, after the French fashion, rather than “art DECK-oh.” What’ya think?

  2. jackdeighton

    Philologically your brother’s right but I say Art Deco myself. For what it’s worth I also say Art Nouveau rather than Ahr Nouveau.

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